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    Re: Only wants to nurse lying down!

    OMG, My baby's exactly the same, and I just survived a two week vacation in India with him.

    Once I got there it didn't turn out to be that big of a problem. I find that it's possible to adjust...
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    Re: Low suction when pumping

    Well, what clued me in was that it was making an unusual noise. Usually the hand pump attachment makes a pretty smooth sound. But when mine was connected that day it was making a scraping and grating...
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    Re: Low suction when pumping

    Okay, it's actually a combination of things that just totally throw me off. The Medela classic pump broken while i was away, and no one told me. Sheesh. You'd think they'd have put up a sign at...
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    Re: Low suction when pumping

    No, I really think it's low suction, I can tell because I just don't feel much of anything when I pump. Before I could really feel the suction, and I could see it too -- the nipple was stretched...
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    Low suction when pumping

    This is really weird. I was pumping three times a day at work for the last three month. I just took a two week vacation, during which I did not pump at all, and now I can't pump using any of the...
  6. Re: My baby will only nurse when he's sleepy.

    Haha. None of the tricks for distractable babies worked for me, but I discovered a new trick. :lol I hardly ever give him a pacifier, but now if he looks hungry but is still stubborn and won't nurse,...
  7. My baby will only nurse when he's sleepy.

    Not sure if anyone here had the same experience --

    When I started nursing DS everyone told me to never never nurse him to sleep because he'll never learn to sleep by himself. I just shrugged and...
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    Re: Working and pumping logisitics

    I finally broke down and ordered two sets of extra flange. Washing them by hand is just too much of a pain, and I'm always worried about the soap as well. If you use medela standard size flange,...
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    Re: Replacement parts for pump?

    Try this website


    Call the 1-800 number on the site. The lady there is really knowledgeable about all the medela parts, and she saved me quite a bit of money when...
  10. Re: do you know anything about my pump?

    Oh, this is what we have at work in the lactation rooms. Suction-wise I would say it's somewhere between Medela PIS and medela symphony. Maybe closer to PIS than symphony. It uses that hand-pump...
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    Re: Ameda vs. Medela Pumps

    I would say it depends on what you need it for. If you need to pump for work, medela PIS advanced will save you some time. It'll takes me about 5-10 min less to empty out both breasts, which is...
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    Re: pump 2 or 3 times a day?

    Our babies are the same age. :hello

    I have tried both pumping on the same schedule over the weekend, and only breastfeeding over the weekend. I think breastfeeding is better at increasing the...
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