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    May I just say that I love the new fly-by smilies. They're hilarious. I haven't been on here for a while so they may not be all that new, just new to me. They definitely made me smile-the animation...
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    We Weaned

    Mikey turned two a few weeks ago. Except on weekends, we were down to just one bedtime session at that point. I was producing so little anyway. I decided I was finished. It was such a hassle pumping...
  3. So Glad We're Still Nursing!

    Mikey came down with that stomach bug recently. Barfing and ...well, it was bad. Anyway, at certain points of the illness, all he would eat and drink was what he would get from nursing. It was so...
  4. Re: So Tired of the Supply Battle!

    Things are looking up...slowly. :) I'm feeling letdowns with my new pump. I bought a PIS Advanced and it works so well. It and the fenugreek capsules are working. It's finding time for extra pumping...
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    Re: how to fix a slow let down

    Bump...I'd like to see answers to this too. :)
  6. Re: Am I even going to be able to keep this up?

    I just wanted to say that you're going a **fabulous** job, momma!!! Kuddos to you. There is a forum for single parenting that you may find as a good support, if you haven't already.
  7. Re: Pathetic pumping output at 18 mths!

    Hey abaker,

    I just wanted to check in with you to see how you're doing and if you're having any luck in getting a boost in your supply.
  8. Re: So Tired of the Supply Battle!

    No, we only nurse two, maybe three times per day during the week.

    So, I bought a new pump, got some mothers' milk tea, some fenugreek & blessed thistle capsules...what do I need to know about...
  9. Re: So Tired of the Supply Battle!

    So I put the pump aside and that has made my supply dwindle down to next to nothing. So I'm buying a new one (the one I have is probably 8 years old) and am going to pump as much as I can. I don't...
  10. Re: Pathetic pumping output at 18 mths!

    I was having supply issues and then stopped pumping at work altogether. My supply went down even more. I decided to start making myself pump again at work, twice a day now, to try to build my supply...
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    Re: So it just hit me

    You're my idol! :rockonGood for you, momma.:clap
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    Re: What's up with my body???

    AF came back with a vengeance for me, for the first time at 9 months pp. Heavier than ever before and now the spacing between months is shorter. I was spoiled before having ds; light, short...
  13. Re: Hooray! We're toddler nursing!

    Welcome to the club, mommy, and happy birthday to your lo!!!!
  14. Re: Pathetic pumping output at 18 mths!

    Sounds like we're getting our own little club started...
  15. Re: Pathetic pumping output at 18 mths!

    I'm soooooooo right there with you, momma!!! My output has plummeted since I went back to work at 14 mo. My supply has dwindled since then. I nurse 2 to 3 times per day, maybe 4 times on the weekend....
  16. Re: Is this a problem? Conflicting advice

    Hi and welcome!!!

    You are doing a great job, momma!

    From what I understand, once newborns have gotten back to their birthweight, they can sleep more than 4 hours stretches at night.

    I agree...
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    Re: Voting and breastfeeding

    :itaI think this is a GREAT idea!
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    Re: Voting and breastfeeding

    I nursed Mikey walking around a Lowe's one time. No one even knew! He was maybe four or five months old, so he was kinda heavy.
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    Re: Are we weaning?

    I'm glad you went. :thumbsup What did you think about the diagnosis-agree or disagree? Did it seem to make sense to you? How are you all going to treat it?

    It makes me want to get in to see my...
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    Re: stinky gas

    Yup, for us too. DS started having the stinkiest toots around 4 or 5 months. I'm not even kidding you. He could clear the room! He also had the rosiest cheeks and nose and chin. At about 7 months, I...
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    Re: Are we weaning?

    I don't know much about the actual weaning part except that as babies begin solids, that begins the long-term weaning process.

    With the emotional stuff, I, too, have been experiencing that as ds...
  22. Re: So Tired of the Supply Battle!

    He eats solids like a champ! I do know that i only get three ounces, four at the most, even after not nursing for 12 hours. So 8 ounces of milk per day max. doesn't sound like enough to me, and...
  23. Re: So Tired of the Supply Battle!

    Thank you for the encouragement. I really appreciate it!

    On work days, I nurse once around 6 or 7 in the morning and then it's off to work/daycare. Then I pick up around 5 pm. Once we're at the...
  24. Re: So Tired of the Supply Battle!

    He nurses two or three times per day. I like for him to have a cup of milk at lunch, so I pump.

    MY SUPPLY IS VERY LOW!!! Here's how I can best explain. Last Friday, I nursed him in the morning,...
  25. Re: Travel for work - lots of questions

    In the US, you can take on as much milk as you need. You just have to claim it at security. I had mine in a separate case (an insulated lunch bag with freezer packs). Lo no longer has to be with you...
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