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  1. Re: Navigating work schedule change with 10mo

    clarification: for those few weeks meaning until he turns 1.
  2. Navigating work schedule change with 10mo

    Hello everyone,
    I've been off the boards for a while living life with two boys. Now we're facing some big changes and looking for some support. I'll keep this as brief as possible.
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    Re: decongestant recommendations

    I'm just getting over a nasty cold. I looked at the recommendations on Kelly Mom, and there are a number of suggestions there. Turns out regular sudafed (pseudephedrine) can be used in meth labs, so...
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    Somebody Remind Me...

    My 6.5 month old son is happy and healthy. And having a SERIOUS growth spurt/teething/whatever and he's back to wanting to eat ALL THE TIME. He's my second. I know that this is normal. I know that it...
  5. Temas: HELP

    by @llli*lehall

    Re: HELP

    My initial reaction is that that is a load of crap. The pill is itself hormonal, and just getting on the pill will mask but not address whatever is really going on with your body. And deprive your...
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    Re: 7.5 months in and frustrated

    I've been reading "getting your child to eat, but not too much", and the biggest takeaway I have from it is that at any age most babies (children, people) can in fact regulate their own intake if...
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    Re: SAHM - Pumping / Bottles

    Umm...it's kind of a learned art. I had to figure it out with my first and it has proved useful. I've done it with manual and electric pumps. First get your pump setup and park pump, yourself, and...
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    Re: SAHM - Pumping / Bottles

    Good questions. It can be confusing can't it? If you want to build up a bit of a stash, you can pump on one side while baby nurses on the other. Even if she wants to switch sides, you can just stop...
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    Re: Doesn't want a bottle

    I would not do cereal. If baby is happy, gaining well, meeting milestones, and messing diapers, then he's getting enough. Especially since you're co-sleeping and nursing at night. "On demand" means...
  10. Re: Desperately Need some encouragement

    I'm currently reading _How to get your child to eat...but not too much_ and it talks about this sort of anxiety and how to deal with it. It seems that your baby does not have a weight or growth...
  11. Re: Traveling without baby - clogged duct

    my best trick was massaging in a hot bath. If you have a manual pump, you could do it in the bath, but don't use any electric pump in or near water. You'd want to do that right after the bath/massage...
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    Re: Baby won't take a bottle

    I think your last statement is the key. Babies are really adaptable. my son is 6 months old. Three months ago I posted virtually the same question. Now little man has totally got the bottle thing...
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    Re: Not taking enough at daycare?

    After a few more days to settle in, you will want to start keeping tabs on how many times she is eating in a 24 hour period. If she's not eating at DC but making up for it otherwise, you are okay. If...
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    Re: Questions about weaning and co sleeping

    The other day I was reading about a study in which they carefully tracked calories and found that the biggest babies consistently consumed the fewest calories. They think it is probably something...
  15. Re: Lost it at ped's office, totally upset & need support

    I'm currently reading "how to get your child to eat (but not too much)by Ellyn Satter. So so helpful in thinking about sensible feeding as they grow. The big thing is that you don't need to "sneak"...
  16. Re: 9 month old won't take bottle or sippy!

    I second the suggestion for drinking from a regular cup. My little guy thinks it's fun. Certainly messy, but fun too. Learning to use a bottle is a new skill, and at any age it takes some trial and...
  17. Re: Baby prefering bottle over me. What should I do?

    My initial thought is that it would be less important to keep the baby still than to keep the bottle still. 5ish months is a perfect time for distraction since they're so newly aware of and excited...
  18. Re: Jaundice and pediatrician's order to postpone breastfeed

    You need a new pediatrician. Sometimes with jaundice you may need to supplement for a while, but the doctors closely monitoring him at the hospital would have included that in the discharge plan if...
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    Re: I am a pacifier - baby 5 months

    I think my baby and yours would get along well :) My little guy now has the head control to be in the ergo carrier on my back. I feed him then strap him on. Sometimes he tays awake, sometimes he...
  20. Re: Avent Twin Electric Pump / Tired of Pumping

    Ameda makes a car power adapter. Could you use that to pump in your car with heat? I use a coat or blanket to cover up when I need to do that. Also, to build supply and stash you could try pumping...
  21. Re: Five month old losing interest in breastfeeding?

    My boys have both been cat-nappers. Little guy is almost 6 months, and he has not consolidated napping yet. Sometimes he will go longer, but 20-40 minutes after he falls asleep nursing is about...
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    Re: Weight gain freak out!

    If you would be concerned but not freaking out, I would keep nursing as often as possible and not jump to formula too quickly. Can you use a sling for skin-to-skin contact? you could pump one side...
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    Re: Cipro for UTI and breast feeding?

    My baby is on Nitrofurantoin himself, so I would think it would be okay for a baby. I don't know anything about what would be safe for you. I would send the doc to infant risk to figure out a good...
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    Re: Problems pumping and nursing

    First it is important to find out WHY you think your supply is decreasing. For the most part supply meets demand so if your baby is nursing regularly and is wetting diapers, that should be okay....
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    Re: Weight gain freak out!

    It sounds like the LC is so used to dealing with weight gain issues that everything looks like a weight gain issue to her. Imagine that you never had a yeast issue and never saw LC#2. Would you,...
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