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  1. How to establish rules about nursing?

    Background: I have a 22 month old. She was nursing on demand a lot and then a couple of months ago she started an all day school program. She has made the adjustment well and seems to be fine with...
  2. Re: Toddlers - Trying to do everything a

    Thanks ladies for all the great advice.
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    Re: 16 mo old and touched out mommy :(

    I'm afraid I have no advice, except that when my dd gets too annoying I tell her "No more" and walk away. I figure if she's got all that energy to play she's not really hungry. I'm totally...
  4. Re: Toddlers - Trying to do everything at once

    I am burnt out, but it seems that when I try to pull away a bit and get some space - she rebounds twice as hard. If she's not fully asleep she screams when I get up to pee. She burrows herself in...
  5. Toddlers - Trying to do everything at once

    So we sleep in a family bed, we are still nursing and we are using pull ups.

    I really want to be done with all of it. Does that make me a bad mom? But I'm trying to let her wean herself of all...
  6. Re: 21 month old nursing until it hurts me!

    No advise. Just support and hugs. Mine is doing this too and its driving me crazy :).
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    Fell off charts at 15mos.

    My daughter eats solids, has cows milk and nurses and she fell off the chart at 15 mo visit. She's been 5-25% since birth, pretty consistent 25% since 6 months or so. The ped suggested more...
  8. Re: Sample daily menu with snacks for a 1YO?

    Breakfast: a banana, 1/4 c oatmeal, a slice of ham

    Snack: 1 yobaby yogurt

    L: a beechnut growups spagetthios

    Snack: dried apple, graham crackers

    D: cheese cubes, mixed frozen veggies,...
  9. Re: Extremely clingy 14 mo old and touched out momma

    Thank you ladies. It helps to hear someone else "was going to loose my flippin' mind!" I am so there!

    We unfortunately don't have a playpen and my dd is very active. Our kitchen counters are...
  10. Re: Extremely clingy 14 mo old and touched out momma

    I guess the problem is that I am okay with giving her that 100% of attention most of the time, but then I really need an hour or two of chill out time during her nap to get some things done that I...
  11. Extremely clingy 14 mo old and touched out momma

    We just had a major snowfall here in GA and dd and I have been TRAPPED in the house since Sunday so that has set the scene. She just started walking and is practicing her new skill. So I know that...
  12. Re: Leaving bf toddler for the first time

    I recently went away for 3 days and left my 14mo dd for the first long trip. It worked out fine. I was engorged and had to pump 2x a day after the first 24 hours, but she was fine with my husband...
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    Re: Am I really so outrageous?

    I'm amazed we survived the previous generations.
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    Re: How often does your toddler nurse?

    13 mos and all the time. She eats 3 meals and snacks and still nurses every 2 hrs at least.
  15. Re: Trip Away from 13 Mo old, What to do?

    I can't take her with me. I'm okay with that, I just want to do everything possible to make it as smooth a time as possible for my dh and dd.

    I know babies are supposed to be much more...
  16. Re: Trip Away from 13 Mo old, What to do?

    Thank you all for your ideas. I hope its that easy mamaliz, but I'm getting very nervous now. The trip is only a couple of weeks away. I've had very little success getting her to drink cows milk. ...
  17. Re: Tricks for getting LO to unlatch?

    Yes I do the push a finger in and pry my nipple out too. But I'm more likely to wait until my dd is asleep and then either pry or pull my nipple out. Not the best answer but what I have had to do. ...
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    Nursling won't unlatch!

    So my daughter is 1 and I thought this would have worked itself out by now. I feel like I fight her every nap and at night to unlatch. She can keep me there for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour...
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    Re: Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

    I am so grateful we hadn't even started weaning. The whole family has a stomach bug this weekend, and dd has been nursing nonstop. She's even refusing crackers and cheerios! I am so grateful to...
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    Re: Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

    Thank you ladies for all your feedback. I did get "How Weaning Happens" from the library and am reading that. I have heard good things about "Mothering Your Nursing Toddler" too, is it worth it? ...
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    Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

    I guess I only expected to nurse until she was one. I am very pro breastfeeding, but am surrounded by friends who formula fed. My mommy-baby group is now steadily weaning so every week another...
  22. Trip Away from 13 Mo old, What to do?

    My dd will be one in a little over a week. She's been going without bm at daycare from 730 - 1230 Monday through Friday for a month now. The rest of the time she nurses every 2 hours or so.

  23. 1st week at daycare for 10mo old = clingy!

    I have worked a few hours here and there since my daughter was 4 mos. She either stayed with dh or with a sitter. I'm now working 5 hours mon thru fri. She has fussed a little at the sitters, but...
  24. Re: Can my Husband be a surrogate milk producer?

    There is a webpage on it somewhere. I read about a gay couple who did it and he fed the baby through a year. And a guy in India who the mom died and the man was able to do it. They actually have...
  25. Re: pt work and 11mo - will I need to pump?

    She's still up to eat at night after 4-5 hrs then every 2 hrs for the rest of the night. So I know she can go that long. Whether she is willing to is a whole different issue. She's also a snacker...
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