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    Mucus in baby's poop

    Do you think we should worry about the mucus in baby's stool?

    He was straining and not too happy last couple of hours, and when he pooped the mucus came out first, about 1 tablespoon, it looks...
  2. Re: Vitamins and breastfeeding at 2 months 3 weeks

    Thank you so much for your answers and especially for the links.

    I think we will try not to supplement. We are light skinned, living in Florida -- and we decided to take our son to the beach...
  3. My baby is sometimes very fuzzy during breastfeeding + my period started?


    Sometimes my son of 2 months 3 weeks is very fuzzy during feedings. He would suck for 2-5 minutes and suddenly would start crying or pushing me away. I try other boob -- he would suck again...
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    Re: lying down while nursing

    I love nursing while lying down also:eye

    I tried to nurse with the upper breast -- but the back does hurt, so I either carry the baby around and turn to that other side, so the upper boob will be...
  5. Vitamins and breastfeeding at 2 months 3 weeks


    Our pediatrician ordered 2 blood tests (from the heel and now from the vein) to determine if our baby has jaundice from breastmilk or not, jaundice level is really non-existent currently (the...
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