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    Last BM was 9 days ago

    Im not sure if I should be concerned. I breastfeed DD who just turned 6 mo. I started feeding her solids about 4 weeks ago. She eats a little bit of solids maybe once a day, sometimes just BFs. She...
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    Re: can't get her to nap to sleep

    Hi Mama! I just want to say that I know somewhat of what you are going through. DD and I had a great routine of nursing to sleep for naps and I would be able to slip out once she was asleep. However,...
  3. EBF, won't take bottle, introducing sippy cup?

    My LO is 4 months old this week. She is EBF, which is great, but here in lies the problem. She is used to nursing to sleep so now that she is in the 4 mo. wakeful she will only eat if it is nap time...
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    Sleeping and eating association

    Im a FTM to a 4 month old who I nurse to sleep. I don't have as big of a concern about her nurse to sleep association as much as her eating and sleeping association. Should I try to feed a small meal...
  5. Nursing to sleep and the 4 month wakeful

    I nurse LO to sleep for naps and every now and then at night if her dad can't put her down. She is 15 weeks and I think going through the 4 month wakeful as she was a fantastic sleeper and is now...
  6. Nursing to sleep- FTM feeling guilty/ concerned

    I sometimes wish we could go back in time and see what moms did hundreds and thousands of years ago when it came to nursing, before the bottle and before it was "socially acceptable" in the western...
  7. Stressful bedtime routine with bottle of expressed BM by DH

    My DH and I have had LO on the same bedtime routine since she was about 3 weeks (DH gives bath, swaddle, bottle, bed). She is now 2.5 months and still gets pretty tearful after her bath. However, I...
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    Re: Comfort Sucking

    Thank ladies! I knew in my gut that the lactation consultant was completely wrong, but being a FTM makes me a little more susceptible to bad advice.
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    Let down reflex and other info

    I'm a FTM and have been exclusively BFing my 2 mo old DD. This may seem like a dumb question, but I still really don't know much about the let down reflex and milk supply. Fortunately BFing has not...
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    Comfort Sucking

    My daughter is 2 months and I think I have finally found what works to get her down at nap time- nursing down. However, she is no longer just nutritive nursing. She comforts sucks. But it works....
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