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    Re: Pulling at nipple

    My son, 3 months as well, does this. He does it alot when hes fussy or getting full and kinda playing around (every now and then he'll pop off and give me a big smile, then attack my nipple again...
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    Sunless tanner?

    Does anybody know if jergens sunless tanner is safe to use while breastfeeding? It doesnt say anything on the bottle and I would only put it on my face... Thanks!
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    Re: cereal after 4 months?

    Ok thats what i thought, thank you! Im not looking forward to the conversation im gonna have with his pediatrician though. :-/
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    cereal after 4 months?

    My sons doc said when hes 4 months he should start getting cereal, but i thought babies werent supposed to have anything except bm til 6 months?? My sister said she started feeding her son cereal and...
  5. Re: Nursing strike at 9 months. Advice please.

    Maybe try skin on skin contact, take off your shirt and bra and get him down to his pamper and lay him on you and see what he does... worth a shot
  6. Re: baby crying after let down stops

    Ive been switching sides when he starts to get frustrated and this seems to help, thank you!!!
  7. Re: baby crying after let down stops

    Thanks, hopefully he'll figure that out real soon!! Lol
  8. baby crying after let down stops

    My son is 3 months and 1 week old and is ebf. Lately when im feeding him after my first let down stops he screams and cries until the second one begins... i dont know what to do to get him to relax...
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    Re: return of menstruation

    Mine did 2 months postpartum :cry and i ebf, def thought it woulda been longer
  10. Will my nipples ever look "normal" again?

    Just curious if theyll return to somewhat of what they were before pregnancy and breastfeeding...
  11. Re: 7 month old pulling while still latched. Umm, ouch!

    My 3 month old has been doing this since he was one month, Id like to know the answer too!
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