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  1. Re: Should I talk to my toddler about weaning?

    How about getting this book? http://store.llli.org/public/profile/143
    You could read it together, and see if he has any questions or wants to talk about it.
  2. Re: Solids and Breastfeeding - SO confused!

    Here's what we're doing at 7 months:

    4 or 5:00 am: Nurse, go back to sleep

    7:30 Breakfast - pureed fruit

    9:00 nurse down for nap

    12:00 lunch ??? sometimes she gets a pureed veggie,...
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    Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    My DD is 26 months, so she has been eating 3 meals a day for a year now. But sometimes she will only take a few bites. Last night she wouldn't eat her dinner at all. I used to worry that if she...
  4. Re: Very attached 20 mo nursing to sleep

    My LO is 25 months, and does go to sleep at night in her own bed lying next to my DH. However, she will only nap if nursed to sleep. I've finally given up and decided I'll just keep nursing her to...
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    Re: How to introduce cow's milk

    I started by pouring myself a glass of milk and letting DD take sips! It was fun for her to drink what mommy was drinking, and from mommy's cup!
  6. Re: Leaving Toddler to go to hospital for birth

    My DD was 20 months old when my second was born, and my parents (who know her really well) stayed with my oldest at our house. I know that she missed me, but she did great for my parents. I was...
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    Re: Don't know how I can do this

    Try to remember that even if DS cries, he is in the arms of a loving parent. He and Daddy will work it out. :ita
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    Re: Roll Call...

    I wasn't here since the beginning, only when I found out I was pg with #2 and still nursing DD#1. Oldest is 2 now, and baby is 5 months. Both are nursing! :clap
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    Re: I hate BF

    This is just something that occured to me. What if you waited longer between feedings (say 3 hours)? I know that you are really concerned that she's not getting enough, but you both seem really...
  10. Re: ...or as long as beneficial to both mom and child

    Also remember to sort out the medical advice from the parenting advice. Treating an illness or recommending a healthy, balanced diet are medical advice. Telling you to wean or "cry it out" is...
  11. Re: stomach sleepers?/ Q about Slings.

    My second DD is a tummy sleeper. A week or two after we brought her home from the hospital, she was still not sleeping anywhere but in our arms or in our bed. We tried her on her tummy and she...
  12. Re: Anyone Tandem Nursing with Oversupply?


    My LO is almost 6 weeks, my toddler 21 months. At first I had an oversupply issue, but it slowly evened out. I still have plenty of milk, but no engorgement or constantly leaking breasts. ...
  13. Re: breastfeeding and now pregnant!

    Congratulations! Check out the Pregnant and Breastfeeding section. Plenty of moms in the same boat. Nursing will not hurt your unborn baby, so you can continue to nurse if you'd like, or wean...
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    Re: Is it true??

    I agree with PP. What I would practice is putting the pump together. I still had mine in the box when I got engorged a few days after delivery. I was very full, uncomfortable, dripping milk, and...
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    Re: Spoiling Child?? Help!

    How about a little humor? When someone tells you that you are spoiling your baby, grin at them and say "I know, isn't it great?!" :lol
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    Re: How much milk do I make?

    Babies are better at getting milk out than pumps are. He is getting more than you can pump.
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    Re: Should I even be worried?


    I'm 9 months pregnant, with a 19 month old nursing toddler. IMO, your DD is nursing for comfort right now, not for milk, so if she still has a need for nursing, she will pick up right...
  18. Re: I want to wean but feel guilty about it

    Just wanted to say :hello, since I will be in your position in a few weeks. My DD is 19 months, and baby is due 1/30.

    Everyone I've talked to says that the first couple of months with...
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    Re: Toddler Poo Question

    Don't know if its normal, but the same thing happens with my 19 month old DD. And she has all her molars in for chewing.
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    Re: How do you start?

    How exciting that you are getting cues from your LO that she is ready. Here are just a few suggestions:

    -Mashed banana or avacado are good starting foods (and easy to prepare!)
    -Follow your LO's...
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    Re: 16 mo old

    Do you think you're DS would understand if you told him "We'll nurse when we get home" or "We'll nurse when we go to the car"? You may have to leave places a little early for a few days, but he may...
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    Re: Pedi has recommended "gut rest"

    Breastmilk gets absorbed really fast, so even if your little one throws up a little later he probably still got something in his system. If it were me and DD wanted to nurse, I'd let her, even if...
  23. Re: weekend nursing -- low supply?

    Have you tried a bedtime snack on the weekends? Maybe if you offered an extra snack on nights you know supply will be low, he wouldn't be as upset about the amount of BM. Not sure if it would work,...
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    Re: Sucking with teeth...

    Ouch! When those top teeth first come in, they are really sharp. Try nursing in a different position to keep the pressure off the sore spot for awhile. When my DD got her top teeth, we had pretty...
  25. Re: How big of a deal is it to miss a feeding....

    It shouldn't affect your supply at all, especially since its just for a day. Just expect to be very "full" by the bedtime feeding!
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