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    Re: What do they call it?

    My 15 month old DD calls it "bahb" (prononced like Bob).

    Usually she cries "BAHB" and then slams her little head into my chest :lol

    I think it's hilarious, and I'm not the least bit...
  2. Re: Please help, weight gain expectation?


    Here's some information on infant growth patterns that you may find helpful. According to this, your baby has been gaining an adequate...
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    Re: lo only wants mama

    :ita This all sounds totally normal. Dh and I went through the same thing with DD until she was about 6 months. It can be hard for hubbies who want to be more involved but feel left out when baby...
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    Re: Aunt Flo

    Mine came back at 4 months, despite practicing ecological bfing. I think it's the (un)luck of the draw....some of us are just cursed with an early return of aunt flow :(
  5. Re: Help with my extreme breastfeeder!

    :ita with pp. Do you have a carrier that allows you to wear baby? I also have a very attached LO who loves to be worn and nursed in her Mei Tei carrier. It's been a life-saver!

    The only other...
  6. What is causing her constipation?

    My poor LO is very constipated. She hasn't had a soft bowel movement since Monday and when she does go it is hardt(bad sign!). She strains all day long to pass a poop, but seems otherwise the same...
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    Re: How much is too much?

    I don't mind strong opinions. I learned a long time ago that if you solicite any kind of parenting advice, you're going to get some strong opinions. Rarely does someone say "That's exactly what I...
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    Re: How much is too much?

    I think i see what you're getting at and I tend to agree, which is why we'll see how avacado sans the mesh feeder goes. I'm curious to see how much she actually takes in when she is picking it up...
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    Re: How much is too much?

    definately am nursing before solids. I wait about an hour after the first nurse in the morning to offer a "breakfast" of sorts and then another hour after her late afternoon nursing to offer her...
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    How much is too much?

    Hi mama's! :hello

    LO just turned 6 months and we have been experimenting with solids for about 4 days. I wanted to try baby-led solids, so I purchased one of those mesh feeder things with the...
  11. Re: Is she trying to tell me something?


    Here's the link jbean was referring to. My LO just turned 6 months, but has been a bit of a sleeping nightmare since about...
  12. Re: Advice on leaving LO 1 night/wk

    :hug all this seems so complicated in the beginning. I remember stressing about the exact same thing.

    I always BF my DD before I leave and then leave out 1 oz of expressed milk for every hour I'm...
  13. Re: Can I even consider this breastfeeding?

    :clap way to go, mama!
  14. Re: Daughter had formula! (long)

    :hug Please don't beat yourself up over this. It sounds like you did everything you could to keep you LO off formula. You should be applauded for the effort, which is probably more than I would...
  15. Re: 16 weeker no longer sleeping?

    This all sounds totally normal for a 4 month old. My DD went through the exact same thing, and I also had a terrible time adjusting. The same as the PPs, I did very little to correct the situation...
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    Re: storage question?

    i used to add freshly pumped milk to cold milk that was stored in the fridge, and i found that the milk was always a little "off" (smelled funny, had a weird color, etc.). My DD used to still drink...
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    Re: Off topic sex question

    I might suggest trying other ways of being intimate that don't involve penetration (mutual masturbation, oral sex, etc.). My DH and I really struggled for the first few months post-partum until we...
  18. Re: how to pass the time during feeding

    i'm also shocked by the LC's "diagnosis". My DD spent hours on end (literally) nursing in the first 6 weeks. She wasn't actively eating the entire time, but would often doze and suckle at the same...
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    Re: can i use proactiv?

    Per Thomas Hale, PhD (author of Medications and Mothers' Milk), "The transcutaneous absorption of both of these drugs is minimal to nil. Peroxides, even if absorbed, would be instantly metabolized in...
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    Re: can i use proactiv?


    According to Kellymom you can. I've used it for 5 months and my DD is fine.
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    Re: Pulling at nipple

    My DD pulls when my let-down is slow to start (she can be very impatient :D). As soon as the let-down starts, she stops pulling.
  22. Re: Article about formula, solids, breastfeeding, & obesity

    I don't think you can take this study, or any other study, personally. Every baby is different, and I think we all know that childhood obesity is the result of a number of different factors (diet,...
  23. Re: Article about formula, solids, breastfeeding, & obesity

    *sigh* Yet again, I question the necessity of this study. I don't need some pricey, gov't study to tell me that force-feeding my DD rice cereal at 2 weeks old is probably a bad idea.

    To me,...
  24. Re: Why do ppl care so darn much about how I raise my child!!

    I absolutely LOVE this post! DH and I haven't been out together without DD either, and all our friends act like we are somehow insulting them when we refuse their offers to babysit DD for a night. ...
  25. Re: Why do ppl care so darn much about how I raise my child!!

    thank you so much everyone....all your supportive comments are exactly what i've needed to hear. it's such a relief to know dh and i are not the only parents who feel this way.

    i'm going to take...
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