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  1. Hand Expression extra stimulation

    So I have been doing all the right things including pumping every two hours etc. But the lo still will not latch unless its with a sheild. So I'm wondering if this ok can I still get stimulation from...
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    Re: Relactation Results??

    Thank you for your help and encouragement love you ladies! Here is the update I am pumping with my symphony and still getting nothing. Taking the reglan was horrible so I had to stop. Westin will not...
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    Relactation Results??

    I have a three month old and am trying to relactate. I still get some out but not a lot. I'm curious as to if I am doing this right and when I will see results. ( I tried to relactate earlier but...
  4. Re: Working Long Hours and Breastfeeding

    I have a medella pump in style advanced. He is currently two months old. I went to work fairly early. I usually pump in the morning at 6 and 8 on my way to work. Then at 1 for lunch I do a 15 minute...
  5. Working Long Hours and Breastfeeding

    Hello All,
    I am back to work and was wondering. My schedule is usually 7 am-6pm. If I pump once at work because this is all I can do and nurse as often as I can at home and on my days off, will my...
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    Restarting Breastfeeding

    Hello All,
    So I had a shaky start to breastfeed with an emergency csection and a very hungry baby. After two weeks I just went to pumping because he never seemed satisfied and eventually I began...
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