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  1. Help! Weaning/Breasts full and painful!

    I have been gradually weaning my 14 month old but my breasts feel full and are starting to hurt. I have tried to a little express milk every few hours to alleviate the pain, but I really dont...
  2. Best Bottle to start with-suggestions?

    Hello, Not sure if this is the right place but I would love to have my 3 month old not only nurse but also drink my milk from a bottle. Thus far, I have had no luck. He took a bottle from my in-laws...
  3. Re: Nurses for short time and then sucks thumb?

    p.s. more ideas or suggestions welcome.
  4. Re: Nurses for short time and then sucks thumb?

    He gets upset at the breast when I try and re-introduce right away. Once some time has passed and I give it another go he drinks for a few minutes and repeats the pattern over again. He pees a lot...
  5. Nurses for short time and then sucks thumb?

    My 3 month old son has started to nurse for only a few minutes on one breast and then once off he starts sucking his hands and fingers and thumb. If I try and re-introduce my breast, he gets very...
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