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  1. Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LOTS?

    My little girl, now 25 months, STILL asks to nurse MANY times during the day (at night too, from 3:00 am on...). Is this normal? I thought she'd only want to a couple times a day. Anyone out there...
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    Re: Need Reassurance about nighttime

    My 25 month old is now sleeping 6-7 hours in the first stretch and that only happened within the last 6 months. Hang in there. There are others of us out here. It WILL NOT be forever. TAKE...
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    Re: Anyone else nursing a gymnast?

    My 20 month old is very active too. I think it is very helpful/necessary to set limits, as the above lady mentioned. She learns after the first or second time I unlatch her and say you have to be...
  4. Can I Use Echinacea and Elderberry while Breastfeeding?

    Just wondering if it is safe for baby if I use Echinacea and/or Elderberry for fighting off colds / illness while breastfeeding?:shrug
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    Help, tongue retracted!

    My nearly 12 week old does not pull her tongue forward when nursing, she never has except for a handfull of times. She does not have a problem sticking her tongue out quite far otherwise, but keeps...
  6. Re: HELP-strong clenching latch and uses gums to eat!

    Are you saying the chiro adjustment helped your baby to latch on and suck better?
  7. Re: HELP-strong clenching latch and uses gums to eat!

    Yes, I am having what sounds like the same issue...no real solutions yet. I am doing many different holds to put pressure on different areas at each feeding, I am praying and using LOTS of lanolin,...
  8. Re: HELP-strong clenching latch and uses gums to eat!

    Good ideas. Baby is not tongue tied, has never had bottle, lac nurse said she is probably trying to protect herself from strong milk flow, I use lanolin constantly, I help her latch and at times let...
  9. HELP-strong clenching latch and uses gums to eat!

    Please tell me if anyone has experienced this and what helped:

    My 7 week old has what feels like "jaws of steel" and uses them to latch on with what feels like her gums-OUCH! Then she sucks with...
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