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  1. whole family of low producers? Is it possible?

    My myself and two of my sisters have all had very difficult bf experiences. Is it possible to have a whole family of low producers? Is it genetic or just poor advice and unfortunate circumstances? ...
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    tight frenulum ( lip and/or tongue)

    Both of my kids have had tight frenulums, my dd had her tongue tie clipped at 12 weeks due to FTT symptoms and poor latch. She also has tight labial frenulum (upper and lower lip ties) that will...
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    Failure to Thrive/Protein Allergy

    *sigh*sob* :( After seeing a pediatrician last week my son was 'labelled' failure to thrive. he is not quite 12 lbs and will be five months old this week. He weighed 8lbs 8 oz. at birth but got...
  4. Will it ever get easier? I am really beginning to dislike bf.

    My ds is now 4.5 months old and we have had our share of problems. He was born at home - an unmedicated peaceful vbac and our first few weeks of bf were failrly typical. he bf night and day. Then...
  5. Return of mentrual cycles-will it effect my supply?

    Hello, I think my cycle is returning since for the past few days I have had some brownish discharge (sorry if tmi). The weird thing is I am ebf my ds who is almost four months old. He received a...
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    Re: What would you do?

    The IBCLC in our area is soooo extremely busy she generally only takes phone calls and the help over the phone has been minimal. She only works three half days a week. :( My doctor is concerned...
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    Re: What would you do?

    Today has been awful! I am so ready to quit bf'ing. :mad: The formula was calling out to me as I shopped today with my cranky toddler and crying baby. Why is he not content...he acts as if I...
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    Re: What would you do?

    He feeds every hour to two hours, but like I said he would remain at the breast all day and cries when I unlatch him. After a few moments of distratcttion he is okay for awhile but then will show...
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    What would you do?

    I have asked questions before about my son who is gaining weight really slow. He was three months old ( on the 6th) and is just 10lbs 11oz. He gained only five ounces in 16 days. :( He weighed...
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    Falling off weight charts?

    Hi, I am wondering if this is a problem or not. My son was born 8.8oz which is in the 75th percentile for weight. Since then he has been consistently falling and now at three months is less than the...
  11. Re: slow weight gain and many other questions...

    Carol, Thank you for your prompt responses. YOu are right I would love to figure out if this is even an issue or not or if he is just a slow gainer and a fussy baby.
    You wrote that he should have...
  12. Re: slow weight gain and many other questions...

    Thanks for your response- DS is always weighed on the same scale which is routinely calibrated since it is only used for a breastfeeding mothers support group. He is always weighed naked.( I zero out...
  13. slow weight gain and many other questions...

    I am new here and need som advice...
    My ds is 11 weeks old and has been gaining weight very slowly. He was 8.8 at birth and got down to 8.4 a week after birth. Since then he has been gaining two...
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