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    Re: giving up on bf, switching to pump only

    For us it was helpful to switch to exclusive pumping for a week or two, just so I could regain my sanity ;) and baby could gain some weight. Exclusive pumping is hard work, since you're doing...
  2. Re: breast refusal, finger feeding, now what???

    Well ...here's where someone would usually jump in with "The amount you pump is not an accurate indicator of how much milk your baby gets" etc etc. This is true in general, but absolutely useless...
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    Re: 7 wk DS not eating enough?

    Okay, so in my case, LC said that's maybe just the way the baby eats. ?? As long as you're still getting a good diaper count, you're golden! She said we could try to stretch the time between...
  4. Re: breast refusal, finger feeding, now what???

    Regarding specifically your question about less pumpings / longer, I was told that when you do that, you might get more milk at first, but then your volume will start to drop off after a day or two. ...
  5. Re: breast refusal, finger feeding, now what???

    I thought mine was a purely hopeless case. You name the trouble, we faced it! 10 weeks later, we've now been 48 hours without a bottle. I think it can be done, most of the time, with a LOT a lot a...
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    Re: 7 wk DS not eating enough?

    My LO is doing the exact same thing at 9 weeks. [Edit: Just nticed that your baby was pre-term... so they're probably at about the same spot developmentally.] It's obviously NOT that she's...
  7. Re: OALD / OS / Pump Weaning / Other Complications

    I'm hoping it gets better... it already has improved greatly as she's gotten bigger, but now we have this OS issue and I feel like I can hardly nurse her anymore (again) because it either makes her...
  8. Re: OALD / OS / Pump Weaning / Other Complications

    Four of them, actually (LC / IBCLC). :shrug This is just a really tricky situation. My MIL is a 20+ year LLLLeader and is constantly on call with us. :cool:

    We tried the ICPA chiro, but...
  9. Re: OALD / OS / Pump Weaning / Other Complications

    Yes. The LCs (I presently have two main ones that I work with, and two others I've contacted briefly) were concerned about undersupply -- I think because they see that a lot more often. I followed...
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    Re: frustrated

    I have three children, and I tell all new moms that the first six weeks is just awful no matter what you do. Postpartum hormones, learning a new baby and his needs and communication style,...
  11. OALD / OS / Pump Weaning / Other Complications

    After 9 weeks of a terrible latch and mostly exclusive pumping, Baby is finally taking milk "off the cow" (yay!! :clap) but now we're dealing with issues of OALD / OS. I was pumping more than 40 oz...
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    Re: Desperate for help with thrush

    Have you tried washing it down with vinegar and letting it air dry after the feeding? Sounds weird, I know, but it helped me with the burning sensation.
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    Re: antibiotics, uti & BF

    Whether yoou can totally get rid of a UTI without meds will kinda depend on your body. I have friends who can; but I'm not one of those people. That said, these are the non-med remedies:

  14. Re: High Palate, tight upper frenulum, non-nutritive suck and low supply

    Have you tried changing flange sizes? For me, the standard (24) was pinching the milk ducts closed so I couldn't get any milk. Went up to the 30, which was a much more effective tool. Also -- I...
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    Re: Breast Sheilds?

    I have a whole collection: 24, 27, 30, and even 36. :-P My nipples just swell and hit the sides no matter what size I use. The best fit for me is the one that doesn't suck much of the areola in --...
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    Re: serious problems :o(

    I'm in much the same boat. Have you tried a smaller bottle nipple (for instance a preemie nipple)? If you can slow down the flow at the bottle, it will make the bottle less desirable and more like...
  17. Re: High Palate, tight upper frenulum, non-nutritive suck and low supply

    Can you tell me what you mean by "pumping isn't going well?" Pumping has been hellish for me.. but I've picked up a few tricks here and there that may help you. :)
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    Re: He only likes the left one

    I have similar issues here. :) My solution is to start her on the non-preferred side and hold her as if she's on the preferred side --- trick her, as it were, into thinking she's on the side she...
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    Re: Hello and please send positive thoughts

    Hang in there, Sarah. :) I've been through a similar craziness. It gets better. Try to stick it out until six weeks.. the hormones settle and life seems doable again, even when things don't...
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    Re: How to get rid of thrush?

    :( I'm sorry -- I did that a week or so ago...

    Diflucan didn't help me at all. What it did do is cause vasospasms where my nipples swelled up and then shut down (refused to let anything out). I...
  21. Re: Does pumping speed affect how much bm you will get?

    Erin, -- I think we're having similar circumstances 'cuz we seem to have the same questions ... :D

    When I was so sore two weeks ago, I turned the Lactina rental down to 2ish after I let down. A...
  22. Storage specifics, or, what's wrong with Ziplocs?

    So I've noticed a lot of people talking about the Medela bags. I'm quite frankly not made of money :D and also didn't expect to be doing this for very long... hence I have been using regular boring...
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    Re: Is it just me, or...

    Mine switched: the left used to be better, then I played with my pumping times and now the right is almost an ounce ahead. :cool: not quite what I was aiming for, but ya know.
  24. Re: How is exclusive pumping going to affect my cycles?

    Actually, one anovulatory cycle at 4-6 weeks postpartum is really quite common.. you two might not have AF back yet. ;)
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    Re: dr. brown's bottles

    Is it possible to use the insert (nipple, straw, lid) from the Dr. Brown bottles in a non-bisphenol-A bottle? I've on occasion screwed it onto the Medela bottles from the pump, and while the fit...
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