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  1. Re: Anyone else still use a boppy or pillows?

    My 17 month old will bring (or attempt to bring) the boppy to me when he wants to nurse. I definitely think it has become a comfort thing. Although when we are in bed, he just lays on his side and...
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    Re: 8 wk old having trouble

    I agree with the PP. The first thing that came to my mind was fast letdown. My son didn't nurse as long either after a few months.

    How many times a day would you say he is nursing and for how...
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    Nursing after surgery???

    There is a good possibility that I will have to have my Gallbladder removed after the Holidays. It's not confirmed yet, but it's looking like it. This is usually an out-patient surgery. When would it...
  4. HELP. LO projectile vomit after I took Bentyl

    I was in the ER friday for upper abdominal pain and nausea. They prescribed me Phenergan, Vicodin and Bentyl(commonly used in people with IBS to slow down the GI tract). I made sure to mention that I...
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    Re: Going back to breast

    Here's one more link but I'm sure PP's link covers most the same.


    Congrats and good for you!!! And...
  6. Sick 11.5 mo old increase in nursing

    My little guy(11.5 months) has had an upper resp inf for the last week. He has wanted to nurse more, which is perfectly fine with me, and he wanted less solid food for the first couple of days. He...
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    Re: Nursing and Ear infection

    The antibiotics could also be upsetting her tummy. They can be rough on the LO's bellies and add the pain relievers in the mix as well as if she had any post-nasal drip, they can be a little hard on...
  8. How many diapers a day for 8.5 mo old

    How many diapers should I still look for with my son? Is it the same six wets a day? He's hasn't been satisfied with BM in the morning so I started some solids after he nurses. He's been droppng his...
  9. Re: is it ok that.. (sleep/BF question)

    :ita with PP. Get some sleep!!!!!
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    Re: Husband Feels Left Out

    :ita with PP. My SO felt this way at first. I made sure he knew that it would "get better". Poor guy, It does make you feel bad that they feel left out. Does he understand that you need to establish...
  11. Re: How long before I notice results with Fenugreek?

    I started with 4 capsules a day.
  12. How long before I notice results with Fenugreek?

    I've started taking it yesturday. I didn't expect overnight results but when might I see some? I hope it helps!!!
  13. Re: Can I tell if my sitter gave him formula?

    I'm probably being overly paranoid. I had such a bad day at work, not pumping enough is stressing me out so much.:cry
  14. Can I tell if my sitter gave him formula?

    My son is 5 1/2 mos. He goes to the sitter twice a week for about 11 hours (I work 12 hour shifts, daddy picks him up at night) and for the past month I have been barely pumping enough milk to get...
  15. Re: Why is he suddenly waking up so much at night?

    :ita Growth spurt!

  16. Re: daytime sleep (or lack thereof)

    :welcome This was my son to a T!!! Although, he is still not a good napper during the day (he is 5 mos.today:clap). Not to be a bummer though. He has slowly improved. I have to go lay down with him...
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    Re: Fussy at Breast in Evening

    Are you worried that he isn't getting enough? How's his diapers? I'm not sure if supply can dwindle as the day goes on. I suppose if he has eaten like that for a while your supply may be adjusting to...
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    Re: 2 month old question re feeding

    Sounds like a possibility of Overactive Letdown(oald) as far as your comments about him choking and getting fussy after letdown. Heres some links:
  19. Re: Shooting pain between feedings -- vasospasm/thrush?

    I had sharp shooting pains through my breasts also. Mine was caused by my pump settings being up to high. I would get them after I pumped and sometimes after I nursed. I saw your a full time student...
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    Re: Pinching

    :hug, My little guy would scratch at my boobs and sometimes still does. I chalked it up to finding his hands and him trying to figure out how to grab things. He did stop after a while. When he would...
  21. Re: waking 7wk old to nurse at night??

    My son starting sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at 4 weeks and I did not wake him to nurse. I'll be honest, I'm not sure if that is recommeneded or not? But it did not mess with my supply, my sons...
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    Re: being pressured to use a bottle

    That stinks your feeling all that pressure. I can't believe they suggested letting her cry till she takes a bottle. I'm sure you know trying to starve the child isn't going to work. Good for you to...
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    Nursing Book Recommendations

    I have a friend who is having her first LO in a couple of months. I want to get her a good reference or guide book. One thing that I wish I would have done different before I delivered is took a...
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    Re: Nursing and going back to work

    Congrats!!!! Breastfeeding twins!!!:clap

    I haven't done it for a year. I just started back at work 7 weeks ago. My sis was able to do it with both her kiddos. And I work with a women who has...
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    Re: When to introduce a bottle

    :welcomeI was instructed to wait 6 weeks to help avoid nipple confusion. Also while your just starting out, introducing a bottle can mess with your supply. These first six weeks are important to...
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