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    Re: Family Criticism

    oh hun its sad but true so many people dont agree with it my mil said your not going to do it past 1 year, i said of course i am im just going to do it until shes ready, we also get the same thing...
  2. Re: help how do I start her on a bottle

    thanks guys weve tried loads of bots but its not working i managed after bf for awhile to get her to kinda play with it in her mouth so we'll keep trying but hubby is getting worried and doesnt think...
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    Re: Reflux, Solids and Sleeping

    hun i feel for you my little one has reflux but ive heard solids were supposed to help are any of the solids abit acidic ie fruit that may irritate the reflux, we use gaviscin infant if its not...
  4. help how do I start her on a bottle

    ok ladies sasdly i have to go back to work for a night or two my freezer is stockpiled will the special stuff, but my little bean will not take the bottle at all. Im so scared about leavng her for an...
  5. Re: please help me; need support and advice.

    not much advice sweetie but your doing so well sore nipples gets us all in the begining, but it does get sooooooooooooooooo much better well done
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    Re: Single Breast Engorged

    well done for sticking with it I have one breast way bigger and way milker then the other, my bubs is 3 1/2 months and my still hasnt sorted itself out yet so I pretty much always have to feed left...
  7. Re: My baby is sometimes very fuzzy during breastfeeding + my period started?

    hun I feel for you my little girl was just the same so fussy during all feeds finally after alot of great advise she had reflux, she would eats for a few minutes here and there and it got worse when...
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    Re: lying down while nursing

    hey hun I love this position its the only one we use unless out somewhere, ok I admit it my breasts are quite saggy and rather large so I nurse from one side, I dont know how to stop the pain I find...
  9. poor bubs had had a bad cold breastfeeding has been so hard

    hey ladies,

    so its happened the first cold of many well we did well shes 3 1/2 months now but gosh breastfeeding has been challenging to say the least, so maiya has reflux so to put it lightly bf...
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    Re: Need encouragement

    I dont have much advice on the subject but Ive heard it can be done, firstly congratulations on the twins and best of luck lactating Im sure all the lovley ladies on here will be able to point you in...
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    Re: Breastfeeding in the tub

    i love feeding in the bath it helped loads when bubs had colic
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    Re: sore nipples

    right so I tried the latch thingy and omg with my oald it caused so much screaming, Im going to give block feeding a go to help with that but my hubby just tried to give her a ebm bottle and no way...
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    Re: Latch Issues!

    I to had this prob my right nipple is bigger then the left only slightly but it made a big difference to her as the other ladies have said keep putting her on the breast she'll get used to it, my lo...
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    Re: Ready to give up

    hun I have the same probleand not just bubs ends up in tears so do I I havent tried block feeding so Im going to give that a try but keep with it your doing really well my little ones 11 weeks and...
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    Re: sore nipples

    youve got it in one she does all those things ill try with my next feed see how it goes and get back to you thanks so much for your help i did have a bt of a screamy gulpy feed last so i just hope...
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    Re: sore nipples

    I thought it might be the latch they right one looks kind of pointed on one side Ive tried relatching but it hasnt helped my lo is 3 months its just odd shed start to latch on wrong after all this...
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    sore nipples

    I dont know hows its happened my poor nipples especially the right one is agony I havent had this problem since starting bf Im trying the old nipple creams but nothing helps any tips ladies as Im in...
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    Re: Emergency, please help...

    dont know if it will help hun but I bought the tommie tippee back to nature bottles they are supposed to be the closest thing to a nipple, but my little one has the same problem I try and give her a...
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    cutting out dairy

    right so maiya got a really bad milk rash a few weeks back so I gave up dairy(also to see if this would help with her colic) it didnt help the colic so Ive slowly introduced it back in ( I love...
  20. Re: How do you ladies feel about caffeine?

    omg I couldnt cope without my morning cup of tea I think pg tips do a decaff one might try that next time I do also have soda not all the time but if we go out for a meal or something, also alittle...
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    Re: She can't be hungry ALREADY!!

    spurting time hun sounds like it anyway we all go through it shes just trying to get your supply up the last one with my lo went on for about a week then I felt like I had so much milk I didnt know...
  22. night feeding was settling down but now

    shes feeding every 2ish hours through the night and bearing in mind she can take 40 mins Im knackered shes feeding really well during the day as well by 2 months how many times do you guys feed( I...
  23. ok so one problem sorted heres another

    lip smacking noise again didnt happen until about 2 weeks ago Ive checked and rechecked her latch and it seems fine she just takes in air when it happens any ideas
  24. Re: gulping choking and screaming while feeding

    thanks agaiguys had 2 feeds since then and they were great ok so maybe Ive covered the place in milk but at least lo is happy and me, now if we could just get rid of the colic.
  25. Re: gulping choking and screaming while feeding

    right so all advice taken on board what I did at her 3 o/c ish feed was wait for let down unlatch her and omg it was like a river rapid so covered the sofa and spray poor bubs in the head so that...
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