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    Re: Just a curiousity question

    I'm still bf my 19 month old and I'm willing to bet I'm making next to nothing i guess if the demand went up so would the supply tho... She's only nursing at night and once for nap
  2. Re: Just got back from hospital...:( LONG Story.

    poor mama im so sorry your going through this!

    we had a similar experience with DS not gaining weight and being hospitalized... however I was pregnant so that was my reason my supply was down.
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    Re: WIC & baby food

    im pretty sure at 6 months it was hit or miss.. maybe once a day maybe twice a day.. some days not at all

    with my second one I did more of a baby led solids and just gave her tastes here and there...
  4. Re: Help! Daycare Provider demanding more milk

    i agree with PP see if they can offer smaller portions. 5 oz is a lot. and maybe hes fussing bc they fed him too much :shrug

    and i agree does he take a paci? maybe hes sleepy and just wants to...
  5. Re: Why did you decide to nurse past a year?

    for me she turned one and she was in no way ready to wean. she was still very dependent on nursing for nutrition and comfort. She was eating solids but not enough that i would feel comfortable taking...
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    Re: So so sad

    If nothing else since your still producing you could pump for him :shrug

    But I know the feeling. I was preg with dd and lost much of my supply and ds weaned around 9 months and it was very hard......
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    Re: 4 week old loses suction

    my dd made a clicking sound for months! I'm guessing for the first 6 months of our nursing relationship or more. As long as your baby seems to be getting enough and is having good diaper output I...
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    Re: My 2 week old has me ready to quit!

    I do have to disagree with PP with both of mine nursing HURT in the beginning. My DD had a great latch but it was excruciating every time she latched on for weeks!

    I say keep putting the baby to...
  9. Re: I don't feel that bond, instead just frusteration....

    :hug mama. I think all of us have been there at least to a certain degree. I used to dread nursing my DD simply bc of the pain. And she had a perfect latch. Well it looked good to me.

  10. Re: Help for Kim! Tongue-tie and weight loss/jaundice

    :hug mama. He will get there.
    Congrats on your baby boy.

    Bc of nipple confusion it took N about 4 weeks to finally get back to the breast. It sounds like he's doing better and better tho. A...
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    Re: 13 mos and counting!

    Kinda late but thanks for all the info!

    And so glad to know she's not the only toddler that nurses like a newborn. She has been waking up 4-6 times a night to nurse. She didn't wake up this much...
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    13 mos and counting!

    And a few questions, kinda new to toddler nursing although I did nurse Noah for a while during toddlerhood

    Anyway. I've pretty much nursed on demand this whole 13 months and I'd like to start...
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    Re: I want to be successful, but...

    you can do it mama, your already on the right track by coming here to seek advice..

    my children are about the same age difference. They are 13 months apart.. and it was doable. like someone...
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    Re: Torn about weaning


    it might come back soon on its own
  15. Re: Very frustrated mommy - Please help!

    Sorry mama :hug this must be so frustrating

    You have already gotten some great advice so I don't really have anything go add but I just wanted to say you can do it. They will get there :hug
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    Re: Bfing and your period?

    Definite supply drop I think I've heard about changes in taste
  17. Re: Return of AF - When does cycle regulate?

    glad this thread was started... i was curious about this too..

    i got af for the first time last month on the 11th. DD was 11 months.. and havent seen another one.. day 34 today and no sign of AF.....
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    Re: cant believe we are here

    thanks ladies. the encouragement means so much.. i dont get it as much irl. im sure some people are even starting to think its weird. :rolleyes:
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    Re: cant believe we are here

    Thanks ladies!
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    cant believe we are here

    Olivia is a year old today and still nursing like crazy! she eats solids and loves food.. but is still very dependent on mommys milk :love:happytears

    i cant believe my baby girl is a year old. and...
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    Re: Weaning from the paci...

    I've started the process of day weaning then I will nap/night wean from the pappy. He loves his pappy though but so far he's only asked for it a few times today
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    Re: vacation without baby

    my only advice would be pump pump pump!!! Make sure you take enough time out of your time with DH to pump. I had a friend that just had a weekend away without her 7 month old and she got back and got...
  23. Re: would natural remedies help with ear infections ???

    ive heard garlic was good for ear infections.

    also look up SilverBiotics.. GREAT stuff! :D

    maybe with a combo of the garlic and silverbiotics she would feel better.
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    Re: Clicking while feeding

    My DD did the same thing forever! I'm not sure when she finally grew out of it but it took a long time.
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    Re: Colby Wayne...


    i cant even imagine going through all that with the food allergies. on top of having a toddler that needed mama too.

    such a great mama for making the right decision for your family. your...
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