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    Re: My weaning story

    Thanks for reading! It makes me all nostalgic to read it :)
  2. Re: Come on! We have to have a cute stories thread!

    I can't think of any cute stories... hmmm.

    Both of my boys have had unintelligible words for nursing. Currently, Anders says "wowuh", while rubbing his chest. LOL! We used the sign for milk to...
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    Re: Need help with low milk supply

    Oatmeal affected my supply more than I knew--I had to eliminate it for food allergy reasons, and my supply dropped for the first time ever. I was very surprised.

    I took fenugreek and nursed like...
  4. Re: When did you stop leaking if you had oversupply?

    With my elder, around a year I noticed I could stop wearing nursing pads. But I never did anything to correct for oversupply, as it never seemed to bother him.

    With my younger, he didn't have as...
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    My weaning story

    I guess this is a good place to put it! I just thought I would share.

    E was an avid nurser since birth. He went through the toddler years nursing frequently. He nursed through my pregnancy with...
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    Re: Support for extended breastfeeding

    I'm new to the forums, too, but I did tandem nurse for 20 months. My eldest just weaned on his 4th birthday, by mutual agreement. I'll have to post my weaning story, but basically, I asked him one...
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    Re: Guess I'll start this here party... :P

    I don't really feel like I'm extended breastfeeding right now--my little guy is just 22 months old. :) I nursed my oldest until he was 4, when he weaned by mutual agreement. He is fine with it,...
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