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  1. Plugged duct? Less desire to nurse..Help

    Forgive me if I over provide information :)

    So my baby girl is 10 months old. We've had a pretty good nursing experience, and she was nursing very well 5 times a day (occasionally once more) and...
  2. Re: Calories? Low milk? (sorry, it's long)

    Interesting.... I've actually wondered if the medication is bothering her tummy. Did you son want to nurse with more frequency? My DD is nursing all the time - like every 2-3 hours. At night she does...
  3. Re: Calories? Low milk? (sorry, it's long)

    Thank you for your responses. They are encouraging!
    We've had a better day today, we'll see how the evening goes.

    We were actually at the doctor's on Saturday and she said everything checked out...
  4. Calories? Low milk? (sorry, it's long)

    I need some help!
    Last week I had a really sore throat, so I was started on amoxicillin. I noticed that about the same time that I started to feel sick, my daughter started acting "frustrated" (for...
  5. Sick and now low milk supply - help?

    Some kind of virus (vomiting, diarrhea, etc) just made its way through my whole family including my 3 week old baby. We saw the pediatrician, and the baby seems fine now. However... I was so sick...
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