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  1. Re: single mom, co-sleeping, human pacifier. help!

    thanks mamas for your support. sounds like some of it is possibly a temperament issue as to me having created the "monster." interesting... last night i fell asleep on the couch and got 3 hours of...
  2. single mom, co-sleeping, human pacifier. help!


    i am mum to 9 month old levi. sometimes i think no one can possibly understand our situation, but there're a lot of moms out there, so who knows?

    i am a single mom since day one. levi and...
  3. Re: constant (and i mean *constant*) suckling

    thanks mums for the input and the *encouragement!* i'm always up for trying something new.

    i think i have a particularly tenacious little lad. i have tried the CIO, and he will cry for 2 hours....
  4. constant (and i mean *constant*) suckling


    my 6 month old baby is a constant suckler. i am a single mom who has been co-sleeping with levi since birth. i realized about a couple of months ago that he needs to suckle at night every...
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