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  1. Re: Is it time to stop the madness? or at least dial it down

    And enjoy your vacation!

    Erm, if your baby isn't going though, you might want to bring your pump to keep from getting uncomfortable. I made the mistake of thinking at 19 months I didn't need to...
  2. Re: Is it time to stop the madness? or at least dial it down

    :ita I think a lot of what mommal said makes sense. And I think the good news is at this point, the pressure is OFF. You are no longer the sole source of nutrition for your son. Any breastmilk he's...
  3. Re: 10 day old baby and inadequate milk supply

    I don't have any advice that hasn't already been given, but I just wanted to chime in and say I think it is amazing that you are working so hard to make this work for your baby. The progress you've...
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    Re: Getting 5mo back to breast

    I'd definitely give the co-sleeping and nursing vacation a go. Sleep with your shirt off and (if it's warm enough) put baby in just a diaper. that way you're skin to skin all night long, which...
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    Re: Help! Blood in Stool

    :ita with mommal. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Or at least nothing that would require running to the doc right away. There's a lot to be said for mother's intuition. If you feel...
  6. Re: Baby will not relax when with me. Need help/opinions.

    Do what works for you, as far as your nipples are concerned. I didn't use lanolin either, it made my nipples feel more tender. I think what you're doing now- just taking better care of them- will...
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    Re: Trying to understand let down

    Let down is just a term used to describe the moment your milk begins to flow. Sometimes you feel a sensation when it happens, sometimes you don't. But whether you feel it or not, if there's milk...
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    Re: Update-milk allergy?

    I went back and read your other thread. I wanted to add two things-

    1. My daughter (the small one) was 25%ile at birth and dropped to 5%ile by 3 mos and has hovered between that and 3rd %ile ever...
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    Re: Update-milk allergy?

    I have one child who's been at 3rd %ile since about 3-4 months old (still is at 7 years)and perfectly healthy. My other child was around 20%ile, but had allergies and metabolic issues severe enough...
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    Re: See doctor or LC?

    If the LC is a nurse practitioner she can write a prescription for you and you don't need to see a doctor. IMO it doesn't warrant a trip to see your doc, but if you have a fever it may be a good idea...
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    Re: Confused about weaning....

    I stopped pumping at 13 mos and continued nursing my daughter with no problems until she was 2. Many moms here pump wean at a year and continue to nurse. If you feel your baby may continue to need...
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    Re: Confused about weaning....

    Your supply will be fine if you want to continue nursing when you are together. Many moms pump wean at 1 year old, but continue to nurse for as long as they wish. Past a year, your supply is well...
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    Re: How much water?

    It might be a good idea to offer him a sippy cup with water with his meals when he is not with you. At this age, it won't hurt to offer him some when he is with you too, if you want to. But...
  14. Re: Six weeks pregnant/nursing 26mo.

    Does she nurse, then throw up? Or just wake up and throw up?

    I know the taste of your milk can change, but I have no idea if the same hormones that make mom feel nauseous might affect a nursing...
  15. Re: Daycare transition and increased nursing?


    Absolutely. Whatever the reason for it, your daughter needs to feel more of a connection to you right now and letting her have what she needs now will give her greater security in the...
  16. Re: sleeping / eating better w/out mom

    :ita The other mamas have said everything I was going to say. It's such a bittersweet thing to see them grow and start to need you less (in certain ways). A relief and a sadness. :hugs
  17. Re: Im pregnant again, losing my supply and he started bitin

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! It sounds like your little man has a good appetite. It's possible he's biting because he's having a hard time getting enough milk out, but at 8 mos it also could...
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    Re: Weight gain

    I think that's an excellent plan. Your milk has more nutrients in it than any solids you could give him right now and eating them could cause him to nurse LESS.
  19. Re: Almost-5-month-old distracted/disinterested?

    I think you might be overthinking just a bit. ;) 2-3 ounces is a perfectly normal amount for a baby to be eating, so no worries there. And it's also normal for babies to get more efficient at nursing...
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    Re: Self-weaning at 18.5 months?

    Follow your instincts here, mama. If you wanted to continue nursing longer you could encourage him to nurse, offer at your typical nursing times, particularly when he's sleepy, etc. That isn't going...
  21. Re: I need a plan to night wean my 2yo...help?

    She'd been sleeping the first part of the night (which for us was about 2-3 hours) in her crib and the rest of the night with us. I was pregnant at the time and wanting to transition her to her own...
  22. Re: I need a plan to night wean my 2yo...help?

    I used the Gordon method. It worked really well for us, but I didn't follow his timeline strictly. Took me about a month and a half.
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    Re: Working/nursing mother

    Pumping 8-10 oz per day is a pretty great output, so please don't feel discouraged. Your mom may not be pacifying your baby with a bottle, but it does sound like he's being overfed (depending on how...
  24. Re: 15wks preggo Still nursing 11Month old dd Supply is GONE

    I think if the SNS is stressing her out so much, you might want to just put it aside. Continue to nurse her and then offer the bottle to make sure she's getting what she needs. She may or may not...
  25. Re: If LO only feeds on one side, do I need to pump both sid

    How old is your baby?

    I would wait and see how much you get pumping both sides. Most women do not respond as well to the pump as they do to a nursing baby so you might need that extra. But you...
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