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    Journey till now...

    I had a very very rocky start... am still a little wobbly :) I had Raynauds Syndrome when I started breast-feeding. I was not showing all the symptoms as stated on web about this condition. My...
  2. Re: Breast still full after pumping for 30 mins -- UPDATE

    Hi friends,

    I just wanted to update on my situation.

    My output has increased :clap :)
    After a lot of trial and error I discovered that 27mm Breast-shield works good on my left breast and 24mm...
  3. Re: Breast still full after pumping for 30 mins

    ohh cool... thats great to know... even my daughter ... just keeps drinking... doesnt even wake up. thats the cutest! I really feel very knowing this. I just read all the links that you shared with...
  4. Re: Breast still full after pumping for 30 mins

    @sonogirl: today I have asked daycare provider to at least give a gap of 2.5 to 3 hours before giving her another bottle. from tomorrow I will make smaller bottles, 4 oz each and will give 4 bottle....
  5. Breast still full after pumping for 30 mins


    I am a working Mom, and my LO is 14 weeks old. I have always had this problem with my left breast, even after pumping for 30 mins, I just get about 2 oz, whereas from my right breast i get...
  6. Re: 6 weeks of EBF and still in pain...

    Thanks for that information.
    I have my baby's ped appointment coming up. I will check with doc and if it is thrush, will get it treated too.

    Thanks!!! you guys are the best!!
  7. Re: 6 weeks of EBF and still in pain...

    the doc checked my breasts and baby's mouth as well.
    also i am using the all purpose nipple cream, which should help prevent bacterial infection and thrush (?) am i correct?

    I am doing everything...
  8. Re: 6 weeks of EBF and still in pain...

    Hi Ladies....
    Thanks for the reply..

    I had an appointment today with my OB-GYN, and got it confirmed its not thrush and there is no infection.
    Also when i went out today (temp was -10 degrees...
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    First time pumping


    I am having some issues with breast-feeding my 6 weeks old. (still figuring out why breast feeding is so painful)
    in meanwhile i have started to pump, so that i get a hang of it once i start...
  10. Re: 6 weeks of EBF and still in pain...

    Thanks for the information.
    @mommal to answer your questions:
    1. I feel pain all the time, even when i am not feeding. I feel a sharp stabbing pain when baby latches on, and then the pain reduces...
  11. 6 weeks of EBF and still in pain...

    Hi All,

    I had posted fews days ago about my pain in my nipples. The story so far is:
    1.I contacted the LC at my hospital and she prescribed me all purpose nipple cream which had anti-inflammatory...
  12. Re: Do I purchase a breast pump if I'm planning to breast fe

    Hi Mommal,

    I have a question about your last comment here... you said that if you run into trouble u would need a hospital grade pump... what kind of troubles are you talking about?

    I am having...
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    Re: Duration of Nursing

    this is exactly what my baby does.. she just completed 4 weeks, her pattern is drink aggressively for the first 10 mins, and then its long sucks for next 20 mins. and then she stops, and that time i...
  14. Re: Burning sensation during latching. Please help!

    the nipple cream provided by my LC has worked wonders!!! in two days the burning and pain has reduced considerably!!!
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    Re: Need Start-up Advice

    Thanks for the information and advice.
    Today I attended the first mother-to-mother support meeting at my hospital it was great to meet other mothers. We discussed just a little bit about pumping...
  16. Re: Burning sensation during latching. Please help!

    Thanks for your suggestions and information. I really hope (and pray) that BF gets easier from here on.
    I did see an LC, who was very helpful and she prescribed a nipple cream for the soreness and...
  17. Burning sensation during latching. Please help!

    I am a new mom, to a lovely baby girl. She is almost 4 weeks old now. I had some issues during the first 2 weeks of BFing, very sore nipples, shallow latching etc.
    For last few days we are doing...
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    Need Start-up Advice

    My LO is almost 4 weeks old now, and I am EBF her. I will be going back to work in March, and I want to continue nurse my baby with BM.
    I am ordering a pump this week, should I start pumping right...
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