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  1. Re: Going away for a day: baby won't sleep or take bottle

    I would cancel the trip if you can. Some babies have a really tough time taking a bottle at first and then end up taking it with no problem, but I would definitely cancel it for now since she is so...
  2. Re: Unable to breastfeed due to meds...advice?

    I understand. I honestly was not trying to be prying, but like Mommal pointed out, a lot of times pediatricians/doctors/pharmacists err on the side of caution simply because they are not that...
  3. Re: Unable to breastfeed due to meds...advice?

    What medication are you taking?
  4. Re: Nursing my 13 month old & question

    Could you possibly be pregnant?
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    Re: Introducing rice cereal

    It isn't recommended to start solids before six months and even then the baby should be showing signs of readiness. Is your baby already sitting up unassisted and using her pincer grasp?

    Is there...
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    Re: Pressure to Start Rice Cereal

    There is barely any nutritional value in rice cereal. If you think your daughter is ready to start experimenting with solids, you can give her whole foods like avocado, banana, sweet potato, or a...
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    Re: Solids or Formula?

    Personally, I wouldn't do either one. It sounds like you are doing great. Was it just the one time that he acted hungry in the car on the way home or has this been happening regularly? If it is a...
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    Re: Feeling floppy

    I wouldn't worry too much mama. Everyone has milk supplies that vary drastically. Some have so much that they are able to build up a huge freezer stash and donate to milk banks while others...
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    Re: Please Help!!!!

    Also...cut out the formula pronto! That will only make matters worse...trust me. Your body needs to get the signal to make more milk and that is not getting accomplished if you supplement with...
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    Re: Please Help!!!!

    First of all, you should be fine as far as your implants go. When I had mine done, I made it very clear to my surgeon that I still wanted to breastfeed in the future. He said that putting them...
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    Re: Typical Work Day

    Do you have your own office or somewhere you could go to besides the pumping room? Perhaps you could set up your pump to be hands free so that you can eat and pump at the same time.
  12. Re: 6wk old only sleeping 3hrs night and eating every hour

    Formula will not make her sleep longer, contrary to popular belief. Are you cosleeping? My youngest son was a very frequent nurser and I found that cosleeping was an easy way for him to nurse a ton...
  13. Re: Sample daily menu with snacks for a 1YO?

    C is two and a half, but it is still a struggle to get him to eat. I work from home and usually have a pick platter out at all times so he can eat whenever he feels like it, but there are times when...
  14. Re: Help! 10 day old all of a sudden confused at breast

    Do you think you might have an overactive letdown (OALD)? The choking and refusal of the breast are key signs of that. Luckily, it is an easy problem to fix. Before having her latch on, try hand...
  15. Re: LO forced to not nurse for two days, need input.

    Absolutely. :ita

    If you and your husband are in the middle of a separation or a divorce and he is displaying this type of behavior, I can't urge you enough to go ahead and seek the advice of a...
  16. Re: Too much solids, not enough breastmilk

    You are very welcome. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with. There is also an entire forum devoted to increasing your milk...be sure to check that out!
  17. Re: my baby scratches her face/cheek/ear while nursing

    How old is your baby? When my youngest son was a newborn, he would do that as well. I had to keep mittens or socks on his hands during nursing sessions for the first few weeks because he would claw...
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    Re: baby playing with nipples

    With my youngest son, I had to pay close attention to see when he was done eating because he had a bad habit of doing that as well. As soon as he seemed to be done, I would unlatch him and put him...
  19. Re: Too much solids, not enough breastmilk

    You can produce enough for him mama, but you have to be dedicated in doing so. It's all about supply and demand. If you want to increase your milk, you are going to need to put him on the breast...
  20. Re: Too much solids, not enough breastmilk

    I posted a response in your other thread, but here it is again...

    So is he just nursing three times per day? He definitely needs to be nursing more than that.

    I would start by cutting out...
  21. Re: too much solids, not enough breastmilk

    So is he just nursing three times per day? He definitely needs to be nursing more than that.

    I would start by cutting out the juice and replacing it with a nursing session. Juice is really...
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    Re: Pumping and Thick Deposits

    What type of infection are you getting? Thrush?
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    Re: Left Breast Pain


    I understand your frustration, but trust me...you do not want to be tempted by that right now. I know most of us have considered it, but you can...
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    Re: Left Breast Pain

    Hang in there mama. It does get easier. :hug

    Have you tried hand expressing or pumping a bit on the left side before getting her to latch? Sometimes that can help with the initial letdown and...
  25. Re: Baby Wise (PDF Feeding style) and Breastfeeding

    Same here. :o
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