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  1. Re: Do these spices hinder supply?

    lol Mommal. Thanks for the laugh! And thank you, Karen, for the list. :)
  2. Do these spices hinder supply?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if these spices hinder supply? Ginger (fresh), cardamom (pod form), turmeric (ground), coriander (fresh ground), cinnamon (stick), clove (whole), black pepper (whole),...
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    Too much water not good?

    Trying to increase supply and drinking to thirst (which means maybe two large glasses every 3-4 hours). I heard that too much water is bad, though. How much is enough to produce enough milk for a 3...
  4. Re: Update on supplementation weaning and questions.

    That's good to know. No, I don't think she's an IBCLC... just an lc, if those exist.

    Maybe once or twice every day or two. When she poops it's at least two or three bowel movements at once......
  5. Update on supplementation weaning and questions.

    I've been weaning my now 11wo from supplementation. I was giving her around 13oz a day when I began weaning, and am now giving around ~5oz during the day (with 1-3oz around midnight). Trying to do...
  6. Re: 7 wo still not latching. Now what?

    Have you tried laid back breastfeeding? Get lo, lean back and put her tummy to tummy. Her head will bounce up and down as she tries to find your nipple... guide her to your nipple and she should...
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    Question about output.

    I'm doing power pumping sessions (10 min on, 10 min off for an hour). If I manage to extract a total of 5ml combined from my breasts every 10 minutes, what can I determine is my current pump output...
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    Re: Lumps in breasts

    How often do you pump?
  9. Re: Question vomit. Long, I'm sorry.

    Yea, I know... :( It's down to 8oz after being at 13oz for a while. I don't give a bottle every feeding, though. I give one when I can tell she's had enough of sucking and is frustrated... giving...
  10. Re: Question vomit. Long, I'm sorry.

    No cracking that I know of, only blisters with the blocked pores. I had post-feed nipple burn along with burning deep inside the breast... I had it for so long I thought the burn was my milk being...
  11. Question vomit. Long, I'm sorry.

    I know I've blown up this forum, but I have another set of questions... or just an update with a request for opinion.

    Situation: I noticed that I have frequent blocked ducts/pores (just started...
  12. Re: Pumping post-supplementation question.

    Thank you so much! Your story gives me hope. :D
  13. Pumping post-supplementation question.

    What pumping regime do you think is best to make up for a feeding with supplementation? I'm currently trying to do 10 minutes past the last drop of milk on both sides, 10 min rest, then at least one...
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    9 week growth spurt?

    Is there one? Is it really by the variable of 3 that I can count on a spurt?
  15. Re: Eats a lot, doesn't sleep. Sleeps a lot, doesn't eat.

    I think you may be right. Every time she gets the formula her breathing gets congested.

    I was determining it by the feel of my breasts (completely flaccid, no pockets), and her behavior at the...
  16. Eats a lot, doesn't sleep. Sleeps a lot, doesn't eat.

    I'm mixed feeding because I'm SAH and never pumped a freezer stash :gg, and since I have to rebuild my severely tanked milk supply I'm resorting to formula on an SNS.

    My concern lay in the fact...
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    Re: Low supply...

    Well, I realized that my daughter was not emptying my breast because of a shallow latch (I took her off of a nipple shield she had been on since birth and didn't teach her the proper latch... my...
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    Re: Low supply...

    Sorry, I didn't see that question.

    Mostly it was the fact that her head only grew 1cm since birth (5 week measurement). She's grown 2.5" (last check) since birth, though.
    She falls asleep...
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    Re: Low supply...

    That could be. I was also wondering if I might have thrush. A few questions: Do SNSs and fenugreek really work to build supply and keep it maintained? Is it really possible to lose supply in a few...
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    Low supply...

    My dd is going through her 6 week spurt. I was wondering what I should do considering that I think I have much lower supply than I thought. (She wouldn't breastfeed after getting a bottle most of...
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    Re: Upper Lip tie

    Whoohoo! Happy for you! :cheer
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    Re: Upper Lip tie

    That's so crazy! I began dilating/effacing at 31 weeks (everything else was fine), and was put on bed rest. I was in early labor a long time, even taken to L&D because I was so far dilated they...
  23. Is what I'm doing normal/okay?

    DD will only nurse during fussy times while I hold her and pace. She will fall asleep whiler nursing and then want to nurse again about 45-60 minutes later. Is it normal and okay that I let her...
  24. Re: Want to make a big mistake right.

    Thanks for the encouragement! :) I heard the same about babies, but have also heard that colic is mostly caused by something in the mother's diet bothering the breastfed baby. Or, in some...
  25. Re: Want to make a big mistake right.

    She was only supplemented her first few days, a few days about two weeks in and since about five or six days ago.

    As an SNS. And thank you for the video link!

    I don't think it is who she...
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