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    Re: Extreme engorgement!!

    I'm so glad you're doing better. Reading this thread takes me back to my engorgement days... *Shudder* (Both of my breasts were bad, though.)

  2. Re: 12 week old STILL eating every 2-3 hours

    2-3 hours is a long time. My six month old eats every 1-2 hours.
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    Re: Wonky boobs!

    My right one is bigger/produces more. If he sleeps through the night the right breast looks and feels like a softball in the morning and the left one isn't too full at all. :shrug:rolleyes:
  4. Re: Slow weight gain - should I be concerned?

    He gets both breasts at every feeding (I wait until he pulls off before offering the other and if I know he hasn't nursed enough I'll put him back on). Sometimes he gets very impatient when the flow...
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    Re: letdown sensation...

    I've heard of this happening to other women, but a crying baby has never made me let down.
  6. Slow weight gain - should I be concerned?

    My son was 7lbs 1oz (11/6/07) when when he was born. At around 3-ish months he was around 12.5. He's now a bit over five months and 13 lbs. He's outgrowing clothes, getting longer and having no...
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    Re: Question about nursing pads

    I used to use Lansinoh, which were great, but the switched to cloth. Now I use these. http://www.amazpadz.com/nursingpads.html Soft, absorbent, cheap, and I never run out. :) I'm not sure if the work...
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    Re: any ideas about BFing in public?

    The way I got myself used to NIP was by forcing myself to do it even when I was uncomfortable. Most of the time people don't know what you're doing anyway.
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    Re: poopie squirt! =O

    Just going to say the same thing about cloth diapers! Disposables would leak for just about every poop. Cloth never has.
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    Re: Help! I think my period started!

    My little guy was nursing every hour, and getting plenty of milk, and my period started at 6 weeks postpartum. Unfortunately some women get periods again quickly. Unless your baby is showing signs of...
  11. Temas: Napping

    by @llli*josie4

    Re: Napping

    Here's a sleep chart. http://www.babycenter.com/0_chart-how-much-sleep-does-your-child-need_7645.bc

    2 months isn't on there, but thought you might like it anyway.
  12. Re: Funny!!! Has this happen to anyone else?

    Yes this has happened to me! The first time it happened, I was like what the heck is that stinging weird feeling?? I've got a lot of loose skin on my breasts, so that makes it even easier for breast...
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    Re: One breast bigger with more milk

    After my LO was born my left side was always bigger and produced more. Then at around six weeks my right breast was suddenly bigger and producing more. :shrug Weird. He gets plenty from both sides. ...
  14. Re: 10 weeks & sleeping through the night?!

    Hi there! My son is almost ten weeks old and we've been battling thrush too. But we've had it since he was born. I've been putting off this treatment because of staining, but I've finally decided to...
  15. Re: Is it true you let the baby eat until they spit you out???

    My son usually eats on one side each feeding. I usually let him eat until he unlatches or if he's been comfort sucking for a while. I let him completely empty the breast.
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    Re: 8 wk old still won't latch properly

    I've got the same exact issue and my son is the same age too. Fortunately he gets enough of the areola to get plenty of milk, but it still hurts. What I do is sandwich the nipple and shove as much as...
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    Re: Less milk at night?

    At around 6 weeks my little guy went through a period of nursing from about 9pm till 12 or 1 every night almost non-stop. It lasted 1.5-2 weeks. It was very frustrating and painful. It was about that...
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    All I want is pain-free nursing!!

    So, when my little guy was born I positioned him completely wrong which resulted in horribly cracked nipples and agonizing nursing. When he was about two weeks old I figured out what I was doing...
  19. Temas: ouch!

    by @llli*josie4

    Re: ouch!

    What about something like this to protect your stomach? http://www.thebellyhugger.com/
  20. Re: Just as we were getting this figured out..

    My little guy went through this. I didn't really do anything that different just kept putting him back on the breast each time he unlatched until he had gotten enough to eat. I would also feed him on...
  21. Re: Just as we were getting this figured out..

    Oops! Double post!
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