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  1. Trouble getting toddler to drink cow's milk

    I'm currently weaning my daughter, and I've been doing it so gradually for about four months now. We are now down to nursing just once a day.
    As I weaned her, I introduced cow's milk. It's not her...
  2. How to cope with weaning psychologically

    I am currently weaning my 16 month old. We are down to nursing only once a day. It's been tough on her, but nevertheless, she's handling it a lot better than I had expected. However, I am not...
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    Re: Overflow and pumping

    I'm gone for about six hours, and she won't take more than 3 oz during that time (mostly, about just 2 oz). I only pump once a day while she's gone (when it's time for her feeding). I've also tried...
  4. Re: getting her to eat her veggies

    My daughter hates veggies too (although she’s a bit more accepting of them at daycare, but not when she’s with me). Her doctor told me to just keep offering her the same thing without giving up. He...
  5. Six month old constipated because of solids

    I started giving my baby solids at 4 months old because her pediatrician told me to do so (she’s six months old now). Now I feel very very guilty about that because of all the stuff I read about why...
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    Overflow and pumping

    I just posted this in the breastfeeding forum, but I guess I was supposed to post it here...

    Hello everyone. I am new here, and I’ve read every reference I was able to get my hand on about...
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    Overflow and pumping

    Hello everyone. I am new here, and I’ve read every reference I was able to get my hand on about overflow and still do not have an answer to my question. I’m hoping I can get help here.

    My daughter...
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