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  1. Re: Pumping too much and oversupply

    Good idea, I will give it a shot. If she still seems hungry I'll offer the "full" side.
  2. Re: Pumping too much and oversupply

    MaddieB that makes sense. The other complicating factor to block feeding is that I'm tandem nursing. So there are times both my kids nurse at the same time. And my toddler could empty a side pretty...
  3. Pumping too much and oversupply

    I'm tandem nursing my 2.5 year old and my 4 month old. I returned to work about 3 weeks ago. I'm gone about 9 hours and pump twice, but I'm getting a ridiculous amount of milk. I typically pump 20 oz...
  4. Re: Will my child ever self wean?

    Thank you! This really eases my mind. And I've heard you say "Don't borrow trouble from the future" before and it is always great advice. Although I'm a worrier so its hard to remember that. And you...
  5. Will my child ever self wean?

    I'm still nursing my 28 month old, and he still nurses ALL the time, like 8 times a day or more. I did just have a baby 2 months ago, and his nursing really picked up after that. I told myself I'd...
  6. Re: Tandem nursing and oversupply

    Thank you! I did purchase a little manual pump as well, so if I get too uncomfortable I will just use that to ease up some fullness. I did that this morning because my toddler decided he didn't want...
  7. Tandem nursing and oversupply

    I posted a few days ago, so you might already know a little of my situation. I have a 4 week old and a 26 month old. Both nurse frequently. I have such a huge supply. My issue is that my toddler goes...
  8. Re: 1st child 16.5 months and desiring pregnancy

    My son was 18 months when I got pregnant unexpectedly. My daughter is now 4 weeks and my son is 26 months. I was very nervous about him weaning because nursing is such a huge part of our...
  9. Re: 2 year old nurses like a newborn

    Yes, this is true, lol. It makes total sense to me why he nurses so much. It was all his, whenever for 2 years and now all of a sudden this little alien is taking some too! I can totally understand...
  10. 2 year old nurses like a newborn

    My son is 26 months, and I have a 3 week old baby girl. He has always LOVED nursing, and nursed through my pregnancy even when my milk dried up. Ever since the baby came he nurses more than my...
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    how does weaning work?

    I don't want to wean my son but I'm curious how it works. Do parents guide it at all or does the child?

    I am tandem nursing my newborn and 26 month old. After her birth he started nursing just as...
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    Dry nursing constantly

    My son is 21 months and I'm 7 months pregnant. He's been dry nursing for at least a month, although I think my colostrum has come in. My son doesn't nurse often but when he does he will nurse for a...
  13. Re: Dry Nursing during Pregnancy - Ouch!

    Good point, i hadn't thought of it. This is a stupid question, but who do you see to diagnose that? I have an OBGYN appointment tomorrow. Do I need to see a lactation consultant, or just a general...
  14. Re: Dry Nursing during Pregnancy - Ouch!

    I was just about to post the same exact question!! My son is also 20 months, and is dry nursing a few times a day and a few times at night. It is painful! My left nipple has cracked a little and it...
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    Re: Nursing all night....help!

    Thanks ladies! I'm not sure moving him out of our bed would work, because unfortunately I think he's gotten accustomed to sleeping in our bed. I put him to bed in his crib at bedtime, but he usually...
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    Nursing all night....help!

    My 20 month old son has been nursing constantly at night, and as a result I'm getting no sleep. I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant, and since the 2nd trimester the sensation of nursing at night makes my...
  17. Re: Estrogen Dominance after Extended Nursing?

    Yes, I agree. You should talk to your doctor about the breast tenderness/fullness. Maybe it's a side effect of the Hashimoto's or the medications. I just googled "hashimoto's and breast tenderness"...
  18. Night weaning while pregnant

    Hello, I know this topic has been covered many times, but I thought I'd ask for your thoughts because you ladies always have great advice. I'm thinking of night weaning my son, but don't know if it's...
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    Re: Pregnant and nursing

    Thanks for all your help! I'm sure everything will work out and I should stop worrying. I will certainly encourage him to keep nursing and hopefully he'll stick with it. He's very attached to...
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    Re: Pregnant and nursing

    YES! Please give me your birth center information. I'd love to have an option where I can bring him.
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    Pregnant and nursing

    I just found out I'm pregnant with number 2. My son is 18 months, and still loves nursing (and so do I!). While we're excited, this wasn't planned, and I'm a little worried that being pregnant will...
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    When to stop pumping

    I posted a little while ago about when to stop pumping. A few people pointed out that if I stop pumping at least once a day at work it could affect my supply since my son still nurses frequently...
  23. Re: Reduced supply on one side

    Thanks so much, you always have great advice and make me feel better. Yes, he's eating more solids (although it varies day by day) and doesn't nurse nearly as much (between 3-5 times a day depending...
  24. Reduced supply on one side

    Lately when I pump, I get hardly any milk from my left breast. They've always been fairly even, or maybe one produced slightly more, but not like this. For example, the last time I pumped I got 3 oz...
  25. Re: How to transition from bottle to sippy cup

    Yes, he uses a sippy cup and a straw cup for water. He's been using it for probably about 5 months or so. I like your idea of sending the sippy cup and the bottle as a back-up. I'll ask his daycare...
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