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    Re: milk blister - suggestions?

    I've been getting milk blisters a lot, and what always works for me is to soak the nipple so the blister softens, then nurse, then while it's still soft scrape at it GENTLY with a clean fingernail,...
  2. Re: Weird question: wine and plugged ducts??

    Yeah, I definitely could stand to drink more water. (I could also stand to drink more wine, but oh well :)) I think that must be it.
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    Re: Cranky baby

    I might call my pedi just in case. Maybe it's a combination of teething/growth spurt. He's just ready for sleep so quickly after getting up.
  4. Re: Weird question: wine and plugged ducts??

    Ha! Not usually.
  5. Weird question: wine and plugged ducts??

    I have a tendency toward plugged ducts - I get one maybe once a month, but it always resolves within 48 hours, I take lecithin etc, so it's not too much of a nuisance. But I think I've noticed that I...
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    Cranky baby

    My 6 mo old has been so cranky lately - I know he's teething, the first tooth just came through today, but I was wondering if there's anything else that could be wrong or that I need to be doing for...
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    Re: Supply question

    Thanks for the reassurance. I'll just wait it out to feel more "normal" again.
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    Supply question

    My right side is making a lot more (it would seem) than my left. I'm feeding one side at a time b/c of OALD, and even did block feeding for a few days, and now my 5 wk old is struggling less at the...
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    Tongue-tie with no problems??

    Is it possible for my baby to be tongue-tied but not to be affected by it? My month-old feeds well, gains well, plenty of diapers, but I am in excruciating pain and I can't figure out why. I'm seeing...
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    Re: Having trouble... could use advice

    This sounds just like what I'm going through.....I treated for thrush "just in case" with gentian violet for 4 days - it seemed to help with a lot of the sensitivity, but I'm still red and sore and...
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    Re: Sore, red nipple

    Thanks for that link. I'm trying to work on latch - I know I have a tendency to push the nipple into his mouth instead of the other way around. The nipple is always pointed toward his nose, I wait...
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    Sore, red nipple

    I've been having nipple pain for the past week and half (nursing my 3.5 wk old). I treated for thrush with gentian violet for 4 days just in case (I had thrush with my first for months so I know what...
  13. How long for gentian violet to work?

    I'm on day 2 of gentian violet for what I *think* is thrush (had it for months with my first). There hasn't been any relief from the pain while he's nursing yet - anyone with experience remember how...
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    Re: Ouchie!

    Any resolution for you? Your problem sounds similar to mine, so I'm curious :)
  15. Re: Do I need to wake my newborn to eat?

    Thanks for all the advice! DS was 8 lbs 12 oz at birth, and I'm sure is over 9 lbs now, less than 2 weeks later. The last day and a half I haven't been waking him and he seems to be more efficient...
  16. Do I need to wake my newborn to eat?

    I already posted about my 11 day old not nursing for very long (but gaining well and plenty of diapers), now I'm just wondering if I need to keep waking him every 3 hours during the day to eat. It's...
  17. How long at the breast for a newborn?

    My 10 day old has been a great nurser from the moment he was born - latched right away, has tons of wet and poopy diapers, had gained his birth weight plus 2 oz at 5 days old. He seems like he's...
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    Re: 9 month old night waking

    I've had the same experience - esp. with other people's opinions making me second-guess myself and my baby. "He's not sleeping through the night?? Something's wrong!" "You're still feeding him at...
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    Re: Still hurting - Whats going on?

    I would definitely treat for thrush just in case - gentian violet works (you coat your nipples with it and swab baby's mouth), as well as an anti-fungal cream on your nipples (I usually wiped my...
  20. Should I not be feeding my baby cereal?

    I've been told baby cereals aren't any good for my LO - they're processed and have no nutritional value, etc etc. I've been giving him barley, oatmeal, and rice. Does he not need any grain? He's 9...
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    Re: faced my MIL, teething already?

    My little boy started teething at 3.5 mo too - but it was only ever bad for about a week at a time. He just went through another spurt (at 9 mo) and got his 7th tooth in. The drooling and chewing is...
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    Re: Inlaws and what's best for my DD

    I have sort of a tangent question - why is cereal considered nutritionally worthless? I've heard lots of people say this. Grains are good for adults, why aren't they good for LOs? Not that I think...
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    Re: really want to breastfeed

    Just to encourage you, I was in so much pain when we brought our little guy home from the hospital - the latch was bad and I had blisters and it was awful. But when I talked to an LC and she walked...
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    Re: Clogged duct or mastitsis?

    Definitely sounds like thrush to me. I got thrush after popping a milk blister on my nipple - I think I wasn't careful about preventing infection and I didn't use any anti-bacterical or anti-fungal...
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    Re: There were tears today

    I completely understand! That makes me so sad.... My DS still nurses a few times at night (he's 9 mo), and it's hard to explain to people that I sort of look forward to it! There's just nothing...
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