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    Re: Is my son eating too much?

    Maybe try giving it too him in the day, see if the same thing happens. DD got sick after eating rice cereal at first too. So I just gave her fruit and veg instead. Now she is a bit older I've...
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    Re: I'm ready, she's not

    I don't have much help other than to say your not alone. My stomach and breasts look like I've been attacked by a litter of kittens! Not much fun, but I have started to wrap her up before feeding,...
  3. Re: Breastfed baby on long haul flight

    I took DD on a long haul trip (24 hours door to door) when she was three months too. I was extremly anxious but it all worked out fine. The best way to help with ear pain is to make sure she...
  4. Re: Sleep problems.. breast as pacifier

    We had this same problem too. I had a great midwife that had some insite on it. She told me that letting her use my breast as a paci was the best thing for her. As she gets older she'll know that...
  5. Re: Every night feeding is frustrating! HELP please!

    My wee girl did the same thing around that age. Found out it was gas in our case. A little gripe water helped us a bit, we kept her upright for and burped for half an hour or so, then tried the...
  6. Re: What age was your LO able to pincer grasp?

    DD is 5 months and has it mastered. Started trying it at 4 months.
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    Re: What did you give your LO first?

    We haven't started solids yet but I can pass on what I've learned from my midwife and health nurse. They told me to start with more savory flavours, spuds, sweet potato, carrots or the rice cereal. ...
  8. Re: Am I the only one that has to nurse laying down to get my baby to nap?

    In the same boat here. The last week I've been trying to transfer DD into her crib, but we are taking a couple days off because she is exhusted. I usually get half an hour after I sneak out of bed,...
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    Re: Thumbsucking

    Any tips on how to get a LO to suck her thumb? hehe I'm a human pasifier it gets a bit sore after a couple hours! I've tried to put her thumb in her mouth but not interested. :shrug
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    Re: nurses for a long-time

    We've just been through 10 weeks of this ourselves, so hang in there mum! DD has just now started slowly becoming less attached to the breast. I too got heaps of greif from "well meaning" friends...
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    Re: My baby constantly feeds

    Your not alone on this, my DD was doing the same thing, she is just now starting to settle down on her feedings (9weeks) Your body and baby are just trying to build up you supply. Breast milk...
  12. Re: If you need a laugh-funny poo story.

    Thanks for the laugh! My DD only seems to do that when we are out somewhere, which makes it that much more fun.
    She also unloaded when she was born. I had a ceasar, and she pooed on absoultly...
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    Re: We made it 6 months!

    Thanks so much for this post, just heading into our third month, and just got a third round of thrush. Feeling a bit disheartend but your post has helped :ita
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    Re: Totally confused

    Sorry not much help other than to say I am in the same boat. My DD (9 weeks) does the same thing, starts pulling at the breast and fussing, so I figure its gas take her off to burp her and she...
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