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  1. Re: Please help... 6 1/2mos. & very painful feedings

    Thanks all!
    Finally was available at the same time as the La Leche lady. She doesn't think it's thrush, but recommends I see a gynecologist to have it considered, and specifically bring up APNO to...
  2. Re: Please help... 6 1/2mos. & very painful feedings

    Well, that's a coincidence! I was coming to check on something very similar myself. I'm 14 months + into nursing my second child, and it's become very difficult in the last few weeks. I can't seem...
  3. Recovering from thrush, but where's the milk?

    Hello, all! I'm a second-time mother, and spent some time here while nursing my older child, who's now nearly two and a half. I was able to nurse him successfully until last summer, and enjoyed the...
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