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  1. Newly Pregnant with 2nd child~need to wean 1st?

    Hello Mommas!

    I'm pregnant with our 2nd child & am 7 weeks in! :)

    I have a 15 month old little boy who just loves to nurse for nourishment & comfort, especially for falling asleep & during the...
  2. Feeling like my supply is decreasing

    Hi lovely Moms! :)

    I have a 13th month old and we love to nurse together~it's our special time together and it feels so wonderful to be able to nourish him this way still. However, I've found that...
  3. Breast milk + extra nourishment before bedtime

    Hello lovely Moms :love

    I'm looking to give my little 13 month old a little extra nourishment before bedtime and was wondering what you might recommend. I am looking for snack ideas, as well as...
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    Re: Weaning & trying for a new baby

    A loving thank you to you both, for your responses! :)

    Mommal, I really appreciate your insights. After much reflection and some loving chats with my husband, we have decided that we will let go...
  5. Re: Returning to work, how to get baby to nap with Grandma??

    Hi again! I forgot to mention that if you are comfortable with this, you could also express and have Grandma feed your milk to your son through a bottle. :) She could get cozy with him, however you...
  6. Re: Returning to work, how to get baby to nap with Grandma??

    Hello! :) We are so similar! We have the same bedtime routine/setting! We co-slept too, but now our little one sleeps on a mattress on the floor (where I often join him later in the night). I nurse...
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    Weaning & trying for a new baby

    Hello lovely Moms! :)

    My name is Florence~I am new to these forums and am excited to meet other Moms and take part in sharing wonderful insights and support!

    My little Oliver is turning 10...
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