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  1. 6 week old with really weird poop

    For the last week, my new baby girl has had the strangest poop. It's really thick and sticky-- almost like taffy. It's very hard to clean off of her as it sticks to her bottom and is slippery. It's...
  2. Please help - my son loves solids and is refusing to nurse

    I knew we were going to have an interesting time with solids, when at 4 or 5 months my son started grabbing food off of my plate. I held out until 6 months to start feeding him solids, and started...
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    Re: Nursing while lying down

    YES! :ita Exactly what she said! I do the latch while propped on my elbow then slide down too. I hope it works for you, the side-lying position saved my life during the beginning, and now during...
  4. Re: Why has my baby stopped gaining?

    Thanks for your responses. I weigh him on a digital scale from Target. It was pretty cheap and honestly I think pretty crappy. I weigh myself holding him and then myself without him and subtract. ...
  5. Why has my baby stopped gaining?

    I just weighed him and he weighs exactly the same as 3.5 weeks ago. He will be 4 months old tomorrow. Prior to this he had been gaining very rapidly. Why has he stopped gaining, and is it bad?
  6. Re: Please help! Should I supplement or is he okay?

    Thank you. I was having a meltdown moment, but it passed. I did break out the formula, but my baby was too smart and refused it. He finally, just now, two hours after his bedtime, went to sleep...
  7. Please help! Should I supplement or is he okay?

    I never thought I would ask that, but when you think your baby is hungry its hard to know what to do.
    My 3.5 month old son hasn't gained any weight in the last three weeks. In fact, I think he has...
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    Re: Is it normal to NOT leak?

    I never ever leak, never got engorged when my milk came in and don't feel letdown at all. But my baby's gaining tons of weight - we just have smart boobs! :p
  9. Re: sleep deprivation making me think of formula supplementation

    I PROMISE that it gets better. Don't give up now, mama, you've made it through the really hard part! I think for a lot of women 6 weeks is a turning point and things gradually get easier and...
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    Re: comfort nursing

    My son is a comfort nurser too. I've never had any problems with it other than, like a pp said, sometimes getting bored and wanting to do some housework! :D

    Oh and as far as the advice they...
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    Re: Is it the pump, or is it me?

    Thanks for all of your help and input. I'm not returning to work, so my pumping is really just so I can have a stash for emergencies, to eventually mix with cereal, and (someday) an occasional...
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    Re: replenishment question

    Ooh, I have been wondering the same thing. I'm so glad you asked! I hope someone answers. :D
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    Is it the pump, or is it me?

    My son is 5 weeks old, and I just pumped about 1 1/2 hours post feeding him. I only got 1 ounce total. I am using a medela single electric pump. This is only the second time I have ever tried to...
  14. Re: Help - My baby stopped latching on

    Yeah, I've been doing this and it has helped! He eats almost constantly in the evening so I can't really "move up" his feedings, as suggested. I think my supply is just a little slower in the...
  15. Re: Help - My baby stopped latching on

    Sorry I didn't introduce myself or anything, i'm nursing and typing one handed. ;) i would have started my own thread but this is exactly what i wanted to ask about. I just tried rolling my nipple,...
  16. Re: Help - My baby stopped latching on

    My baby is 4 weeks old and does this exact thing!
    It is very frustrating. He seems to do it more at night and more often when he's WIDE awake - and it's the opposite of the engorgement problem -...
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