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  1. sleeping long stretches at night lower supply?

    My baby is 4 weeks old and has been erratic with sleeping but last night slept 7 hrs before feeding. My breasts were obviously full. She fed off both and went back for 3 more hrs. She is VERY hard to...
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    Re: Soft boobs already?

    I noticed the same thing. I stopped nursing my son only 6 mos ago so i think my body is just like ok we know what to do...
  3. BF Baby with Down Syndrome: is this issue for newborns with or without DS?

    So, my lil girl is 9 days old. I knew of the DS diagnosis while pregnant. I was so so worried about nursing due to the anticipated low muscle tone. I nursed my 3 y/o till he was 2 1/2 so it was super...
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    Re: Becoming embarrassing and annoying

    I think you should for sure check everything out with your hormones but I don't think anything necessarily has to be wrong with you for you to feel so stressed and overwhelmed and frustrated....
  5. conceiving while toddler nursing

    My son is now 26 mos and still nursing frequently throughout the day. I night weaned at 22mos. I didn't get my period till the month after we night weaned. So I've had it 4 times now. We have...
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    Re: Still Demand Feeding?

    Ditto for us!Same exact situation. I'm trying to follow his lead. He can wait sometimes. He cries while he waits but I only make him wait if i'm busy with something I can't just drop.
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    Re: At wits end...

    My son is 2 and he is 2 blocks off the weight chart. He prefers to nurse than eat too. He'll eat , just very little. Is he happy and healthy and active? If so, don't worry what the charts say. He's...
  8. So confused about having a 2nd baby???

    My son just turned 2 and is a very active nurser. He is night weaned as of 3 mos ago but nurses all day if i'm around. He's still very clingy to me. I love him to death but I still feel like he's...
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    Re: Still Demand Feeding?

    my son is 2 and still on demand- pretty constant. i just night weaned him about 3 mos ago- hard but it helped me not feel so burned out
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    Re: 16 months old, 16.5 pounds

    I agree with other moms. There is NO WAY your milk is harmful to your child. My son is 21 months and barely 20 lbs. He's happy and healthy- just not ready to wean and prefers moms milk to solids....
  11. spontaneouly started night weaning last night- HELP!

    Jack is 21 months and cosleeping. He gets up constantly! I am anti CIO so I've been trying my best to hang in there. I usually say, I'll take it day by day. If I have a bad night, I try to see how I...
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    will all night nursing ever stop

    on its own? My son is 20 mos now and I really am reticent to do any type of "Program" to wean him but I'm tired :). I can hang in there if it will get better but it hasn't yet? Well, a little better-...
  13. Re: Thank goodness for nursing toddlers

    I struggle with that too but if it works for you and baby, and its not a problem for you- even sounds like a joy- than who cares what others think? My son is 20 mos and all night nursing and nurse to...
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    Re: Every solid meal is a nightmare!

    My son is 20 mos and still like that. We call him 2 bite Jack. He will eat 2 bites of what we give him and then he's done. He is an AVID nurser and just plain prefers that. He is small (barely 20lbs)...
  15. Re: my 1 yr old nurses like a newborn!

    I hear you. My son is the same way. I still don't have my period at 20 mos because my body thinks I have a newborn. As we speak he's straddling me and nursing then looking at tv, then nursing...I...
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    night weaning- dr jay gordon

    has anyone tried his method? My son is 20 mos and still up every hour at night, sometimes more. I am so torn. Some days I feel I can hang in there and others I want to night wean. I am anti CIO. We...
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    Re: Is your toddler a good eater?

    We call my son "2 bite Jack". He is 19 mos and will eat about 2 bites of whatever we give him and he's done. He still nurses ALOT- day and night. So, while the dr tells me nurse less and he'll eat...
  18. Re: does all night nursing ever stop on its own?

    I read her sleep book and i think it is a version of cio-gentler yes but still cio. My son is an avid cryer. He was colic for 6mos and now can go into that crazy cry when he is denied bf (at any time...
  19. Re: does all night nursing ever stop on its own?

    YES, that is exactly the kind of thinking I had. I can hang if I know he'll stop on his own sometime in the next year- at least. I just wanted to be assured that he will stop and not when he's like 4...
  20. does all night nursing ever stop on its own?

    My son is 19mos and still nurses all night and day. is the night nursing ever gonna stop on its own or am i gonna have to one day let him cry. i really not a proponent of cio- obviously if i'm still...
  21. Re: Does Extended BF cause feeding problems?

    You r not alone. Jack is 15m and nurses all day and all night. He too is a big fan of crackers and bread products. I don't feel it is right to push food but I still offer it a few times a day. I...
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    Rotavirus- will only bf

    My 15 m old has a bad virus. started throwing up non stop sat night. wasnt holding anything down. Very small guy to begin with. now down to 18 lbs. Hates pedilyte. Had to go to ER 4 IV yesterday....
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    Re: 15th month checkup

    Does anyone haave any good ideas for literature to send a pedi about extended bf?
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    Re: Soooooo ITCHY?!?!?!?

    I get that itchiness too. I think it is just from moisture and all the activity that goes on there. I use aveno lotion everywhere except the nipple of course. seems to help
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    monmouth county NJ

    Looking for some BF support in monmouth county. My son is 11mos old and when he was little I had some friends BF but now I'm the only one still kicking. Local LL meetings times don't work for me.
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