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    Re: Hands free pumping needed

    the Easy Expressions bustier is wonderful and truly hands free...I am using it right now!:D
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    Re: Please recommend a SLOW flow nipple

    it was recommended to us by a lactation specialist and an MD to use the Platex Nurser with the slow flow nipple. It is slower than the Dr. Brown level one nipple.

    good luck.
  3. Re: Survey: Curious, who or what inspired you to b/f?

    I knew that BF was the best thing for my DS and was committed to doing it as long as possible. Someone who successfully bf her 3 children asked me while I was pregnant if I was planning on BF. My...
  4. Re: how many meals a day? Question about 3 month old

    thanks everyone...I feel better. Like you said...I don't trust my instincts all the time.

    Off to wake DS up and get him fed!

    Thanks again - it helps a lot. Congratulations to everyone too......
  5. how many meals a day? Question about 3 month old

    My DS is 11 weeks old. His frequency of meals and time spent breastfeeding has reduced as he has gotten older. He spends about 20 minutes total (from both sides) at a time (if I am lucky). He now...
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