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  1. Re: Daycare pushing for more bottles / low pumping productio

    This is not a "you" issue, this is totally a DCP issue. I am willing to bet they are over feeding him (hence the blowouts) and even though they would benefit from you following their schedule, that...
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    Re: Fussy baby after BF, also generally

    :ita with Mommal. Quick feeds and a fussy baby has meant oversupply or fast let down for me.
  3. Re: Unique Problem - Need Ideas (16m old won't illicit letdo

    Fennel is used for increasing let-down. Looks like some say too much of it can inhibit let-down (not sure how or why) but just the right amount can hasten it.

    Also, I've used the let-down cue...
  4. Re: 11 week old cluster feeding at night

    Agree with Mommal on it being 100% normal and also doing nighttime prepwork ahead of time. I would do dinner prep in the morning and get my older kids into pjs by 6pm so that at 7pm when the cluster...
  5. Re: Confused... Bad latch on one side at night?

    Does he usually have a preference for one side or the other? Usually nighttime is kind of lazy time. If latch issues are ok during the day, I'd just keep breaking the latch and trying to get it right...
  6. Temas: Help

    by @llli*aphimama

    Re: Help

    Great thoughts from PP. Also, have you gotten your cycle back yet? Any chance/sign of that being on the horizon?

    I've found that my cycle can cause a lot of issues that look like teething...
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    Re: What is "normal"

    If you're comfortable and baby is comfortable, it's normal. Every nursing relationship is different, but it sounds like you guys are happy and your answer to the pediatrician just needs to be "he...
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    Re: Reflux...how do you know?

    The refusing to nurse has been my personal indicator. I had a high needs colicky baby who clearly was uncomfortable on her back or being put down but didn't need to be medicated because she was still...
  9. Severe discomfort in 5 month old - gas/teeth/reflux/strike?

    DD3 has gone from high needs to unbearably fussy in the last 5 days. She is so clearly seriously in pain. The pain comes and goes, she tucks her knees up to her chest over and over while screaming...
  10. Re: Wanting number 2, but period hasn't returned yet

    I found my periods always return when LO sleeps through the night. So any 6 hour stretch consistently brought back my fertility. If you are serious about wanting #2 NOW then maybe night weaning is...
  11. Re: Can't go on like this - I need to sleep!

    Is co-sleeping an option? She may be teething (I know you say she's not waking up in pain, but it really sounds like teeth) and even if you start solids or formula she may still be up - just with...
  12. Re: sleep associating with breastfeeding

    But it is.... all he needs is to be close. He probably prefers it to being put somewhere. May even fall asleep in it. And you get stuff done. Win win.
  13. Re: sleep associating with breastfeeding

    Absolutely do stuff while he's awake, but also... I find if I really want to get stuff done with a sleeping baby that wants to be held that my best bet is wearing the baby. Invest in a comfortable...
  14. Re: Please Help- Is it too late for me to have my baby latch

    :ita Skin to skin time is probably the biggest thing as far as I'm concerned. I wore my preemie in a wrap with her just in a diaper and me topless. I still looked mostly covered and she was warm...
  15. Re: Please Help- Is it too late for me to have my baby latch

    Will he latch onto the shield still or only the bottle?
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    Re: Has or does yoru kid do this

    Props to your mom for letting him try. If it soothes him, how is it any weirder than a pacifier? It may be out of the range of socially "acceptable" but it doesn't make it biologically abnormal -...
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    Re: help! ready to give up :(

    First things first, you are not a failure. You are here. You are looking for help. You are caring for your little one and you are doing everything in your power to do the best thing for her....
  18. Re: 3 month old nursing strike? What about supply?

    Any chance his ears are bugging him? Congested at all?
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    Re: Mucous in stool Help!

    This is also an ongoing thread about bloody stools in the Allergies and Food Sensitivities section if you're pursuing the allergy route.

    ETA: And this one is from Too Much Milk on trying to sort...
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    Re: Treating a cough in mama?

    Honey. And Tumeric milk. Tastes pretty gross but works pretty well.
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    Re: Thinking about adopting a baby boy

    My personal opinion is that you should adopt when you want to add a child to your family, not when you feel guilt based on the child going into the system. That said, Is there a reason you feel...
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    Re: Anyone else have "mommy hand" ?

    Wear the splints. You'll notice a huge difference in a few weeks. I get it every time I have a baby. It eventually goes away. There are also some stretching exercises you should be doing. It involves...
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    Re: Dip in supply cold the cause?

    A cold could definitely do it. And you're right around the time for another growth spurt. The combination is probably not working in your favor. I'd make sure you're drinking a ton of water during...
  24. Re: Green watery (foul) stool and on demand feeding

    Honestly that's the only thing that threw me, too. She had a few red but not black specks in a diaper otherwise no sign of blood. I'm talking really foul though. Like old old old rotten eggs.

  25. Re: Green watery (foul) stool and on demand feeding

    Thank you. I have been here before and wanted to ignore the pediatricians advice (hes not being pushy at all nor is he concerned but rather offering suggestions) but I totally needed that validation....
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