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  1. Re: Weaning my 27 month old toddler - help

    I don't have any advice on how to wean entirely because I'm still nursing my first who is just about the same age as yours. So I've never weaned anyone before. But I have had good success with her...
  2. Re: Break up with the pump!! I want to ebf

    Congratulations! You worked very hard to get here and now you get to reap the reward of relaxed on demand breast feeding without bothering with bottles or pumping. It is so much easier isn't it?? I...
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    Re: Joint pain

    I started this thread when my baby was 10 months old and she is now just turned 2. We are still nursing but not nearly as much, usually at bedtime and upon waking and once overnight. I have...
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    Re: night weaning backfired

    And no she doesn't sleep while nursing any more. She will kind of snooze a little but one of the things that has changed in our nursing relationship as she's gotten older has been that neither of us...
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    Re: night weaning backfired

    Thank you all so much for all of the helpful thoughts and advice. Meg I was slightly offended at what I perceived as a suggestion on your part that I was not catering to her needs but on second...
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    Re: night weaning backfired

    Thanks for your reply. It's totally fair to frame this as a scheduling problem, but I have to make a living and it's just not an option for her to get part of her night's sleep at the time when we...
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    night weaning backfired

    I posted about our sleep troubles a little while ago on the sleep board but after more reflection I have reframed the whole situation in my head and I think it has to do with our night weaning so I...
  8. Re: low production last ditch effort..

    Another thing to try might be to rent a hospital grade pump for a few weeks. I had a very similar experience as yours around 9 months and the Medela Symphony that I rented made a huge difference for...
  9. Re: Break up with the pump!! I want to ebf

    I might be completely off my rocker but I read this and my heart actually started beating faster. I am upset because to me this reflects such a fundamental misunderstanding in the way breast feeding...
  10. Re: Break up with the pump!! I want to ebf

    Also, just to ramble a little more, I am confused about why your LC is suggesting you COULD drop one or two pumping sessions and then evaluate whether it affects your supply.... at last count I think...
  11. Re: Break up with the pump!! I want to ebf

    I am so glad you are achieving a pain-free latch again. That is so great!

    I am a little perplexed as to why she's not comfortable with your LO taking 3 oz in a nursing session. How many times per...
  12. Re: Break up with the pump!! I want to ebf

    You're doing it! Keep going!
  13. Re: Toddler wants more milk than I have

    Your husband sounds like a reasonable person and a good guy. My husband, a self-proclaimed feminist and generally all-around very supportive person, also expressed some discomfort with me nursing in...
  14. Re: Pumping for toddler while away on business trip?

    The rule of thumb would be to pump when he usually nurses, so you could aim for 3 times during the day and then upon waking in the morning... but if it were me I think I would just pump before bed...
  15. Re: Toddler wants more milk than I have

    I think you might find that this evens out over time. When I first pump weaned, I noticed a big drop in supply. My DD wasn't quite as expressive about wanting more milk than I had as yours is, but...
  16. Re: Break up with the pump!! I want to ebf

    I hope it goes well this weekend. You are going to feel like a new person when you get off the pump. Let us know how it goes, OK??
  17. Re: Break up with the pump!! I want to ebf

    Nothing you've said indicates to me that your baby has trouble transferring milk. If he is able to get 3 oz in a feed, he definitely has the ability to get milk. He is still small and nursing takes...
  18. Re: New Medela Symphony Rental - increased output?

    I had a major 9 month pumping slump too and the Symphony helped me get my supply back up. I ended up renting it for a month but I think I was noticing results after a couple of weeks. It was not...
  19. Re: Break up with the pump!! I want to ebf

    Every word you wrote in your initial post, I could have written myself two years ago. I worked closely with an amazing IBCLC during the first 4 weeks of my baby's life and she held my hand through...
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    Re: What counts as "milk"?

    Here is a reality check on normal milk intake for different age ranges: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/pumping/milkcalc/
    If he is being offered milk and/or water (we do milk with food at the...
  21. Re: 18 months, no real nursing limits, anyone else?

    My nursling is going to be 2 later this month and at 18 months we were nursing on demand when I wasn't at work.

    Slowly, I've started to introduce some limits since then. e.g. I am less and less...
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    Re: nursing for HOURS in the morning

    Thanks for your replies! It's good to know I'm not alone with this. I'm finding it challenging to navigate this whole concept of setting limits. In general, it feels strange to go from acting on an...
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    nursing for HOURS in the morning

    My 21 month old has fallen into a pattern over the past couple of months of nursing more or less half-asleep from about 4 am until we get up at 6:30 or so. We co-sleep (at least the second half of...
  24. Re: Breast milk + extra nourishment before bedtime

    I have a toddler who is older (19 mos) and from time to time she seems a little restless before bed (even though I know she's tired). She can ask for a snack now, so that helps me to know what she...
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    Re: Transitioning to cows milk

    My daughter is 18 mos old and I was pumping 3x per day until she was about 11 mos old. We introduced cow's milk at 12 mos and I started dropping pumping sessions at around 11 mos because I had a...
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