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  1. Help! When Breastfeeding to sleep stops working?..

    What do u do?!?

    My little guy turned 1 this week and for the past few weeks it's been getting more difficult to get him to sleep. He has always been breast fed to sleep and it worked a treat. Also...
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    Re: One year and counting :)

    My little boy was one on Thursday and I'm still breastfeeding so congratulations!! It feels good doesn't it!! My goal was 6 months lol xxx
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    Re: Weaning @ 1 year

    Thank you x
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    Re: Weaning @ 1 year

    Can I jump in too? I am supplying 5oz bottles for daycare 4 times a week. Can I start dropping these after a year as I also don't want to keep pumping? Will I need to replace these with water ect? He...
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    How much water?

    My 11 month old is still breast fed on demand but is also at Nursery 4 days a week where he drinks 5oz a day there... He eats 3 meals a day also. Should he be drinking water? I don't give him any......
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    Meal after nursery?

    My 11 month old is breast fed in the morning before nursery then has breakfast, lunch and a snack, 5oz of milk while at nursery. I pick him up at 4:30 and breast feed him once and then feed him to...
  7. Re: What to wean onto at 1 years old if allergic to Cows Mi

    Wow I didn't know this about pumping! Great! So he won't need milk at Nursery after 1?

    So if I decide to stop breastfeeding altogether what would u suggest?
  8. What to wean onto at 1 years old if allergic to Cows Milk

    I'm not sure I want to carry on Breastfeeding much after my little boy turns 1 in April. My goal was always 6 months but it seemed to get easier so I carried on as we both enjoy it. However he has...
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    Reusing heated breast milk

    I supply my nursery with breast milk for my 9 month old. They are heating it up but if he refuses it they are throwing it away. Can u not put it back in the fridge then reheat it? Seems such a...
  10. Re: How much Milk alongside Solids at Nursery

    Thanks everyone. He is still refusing milk and water :-(. He is there 3 days a week from 8-4. The other days he nurses so I just hope he makes up for it the other days? I will advise them to offer...
  11. Re: How much Milk alongside Solids at Nursery

    He's refusing milk and water now :-(. Hope this is just a settling in period? X
  12. How much Milk alongside Solids at Nursery

    My 9 month old started nursery yesterday. He was there from 8-4 (8 hours). He only drank 3oz of the breastmilk I sent in. He did however polish off weetabix fir breakfast, spaghetti bolognese for...
  13. Re: Feeding expressed milk/bottle preference

    The rule of thumb is 1.5 oz per hour of separation. There will be days when a baby takes more than this, particularly during growth spurts, and some babies will take less.

    What age is this till...
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    Sippy cup vs bottle

    So far I've EBF my 7.5 month old. When I go to work at 9 months would it be best to offer his meals from a sippy cup or bottle? Also (I'm hoping) dad will do one night a week wakings and again which...
  15. 7 month old not eating or napping?


    My 7 month old has just started not eating much, he will have a quick suck for like 1 minute then pull off and go stuff and start crying? It's hit and miss and I'm worried he's not...
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    Milk went sour in fridge?!

    I'm new to pumping and have only pumped before for one night out and LO ate that from a bottle.

    I did a weeks worth of pumping last week and when I smelt the bottle it smelt sour? LO wouldn't take...
  17. Help - Dairy allergy in 6 month old?

    My 6.5 month old has come out in red patches on hi face after touching / eating:

    Mash potato
    Porridge (made with semi skimmed milk)
    Yeo valley organic yogurt
    Formula (trying to get him to take...
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    Re: Cows milk from 6 months old?

    But if he only took one mouthful of porridge, to make it with breast milk would be an awful waste :-(
  19. What drinks should I be giving?

    Whilst offering solids should I be offering water? He is 6.5 months and has been BLW since 6 months on and off (still finding time to dedicate to BLW). So he is still and will be breast fed till a...
  20. Re: Can't pump at work, effect on supply?

    Thanks everyone I have a new pump coming tomorrow and I'm going to start trying to get a stash!! Totally getting over my work pump fear! X
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    Re: Best Electric Pump

    I went and bought a medela swing. Fingers crossed it works for me x
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    Re: Best Electric Pump

    I'm in the UK if that makes any difference? Can I get those pumps here? X
  23. Lopsided!! Can this be rectified?

    My left boob is a good 2 sizes smaller than my right since breastfeeding. But only recently. As breastfeeding works on supply and demand if I nurse more on my left will they balance back out?

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    Best Electric Pump

    I currently have the lanisoh double pump but one side is broke so can anyone recommend an alternative?

    Thanks x
  25. Re: Going back to work at a year - need advice!

    Hi how did you get on with your first night?? What is the almond milk you gave? Xx
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