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    Hanging up the horns

    Sunday was the last day at the pump and it was just time. I made it to one year and if we were nursing I would not have weaned him but I just cannot do it any longer. My supply was low and it took 3...
  2. Re: If you don't give LO cows milk, what do you give them?

    I am not opposed to cow's milk I guess I got freaked out since a friend's daughter drank so much when she was little she would poop white marbles, and I am not exaggerating. I just don't want to over...
  3. If you don't give LO cows milk, what do you give them?

    I EP and I am not sure how long after 1 year I will keep it up (it is very difficult to keep up with and my supply keeps dropping no matter what I take, eat or how often I pump). I am not entirely...
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    Re: Cold milk?

    We rarely ever warmed bottles, much to the dismay of MIL, and he took them fine and still does. At first it was because he was not patient enough to give us time to warm them and then it was just...
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    Re: BLS list of do's and don'ts

    I grow raspberries in my gardens and a few weeks ago when they were ripe we would eat our way from black to yellow to red. I tore them in half and he ate every one I offered. My other half does not...
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    Re: How much to give

    We just give what he says he wants to eat. Like breast feeding on demand, we let him lead how much he wants. When he is done he will look away or keep his mouth shut. We do not force him to finish...
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    Is Chondroitin/glucosamine safe

    I tried looking online but websites give different answers so I am hoping you will know. I stopped taking Chondroitin/glucosamine when I was TTC three years ago and have been fine without it. About...
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    Re: Honey in foods?

    Sigh. Of course I also live in one of the highest rate states too! I guess will we be waiting for a few more months, although I think he ate Honey Wheat toast this morning with the MIL. Thank you...
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    Honey in foods?

    I know I cannot give him honey from a jar, although I remember dipping my brother's paci in the bowl of honey my parents kept in his room and giving it to him. But can I give him honey graham...
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    Re: The wonders of blueberry poop

    I remember the first time I came into work and started talking about poop. I said you truly know you are a parent when you talk about poop and that is all you worry about, when, where, what, how...
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    Re: teething and sleep

    Whether it is normal for all babies I cannot say but I can let you know that is exactly how it went in our house when he cut the first two on the bottom when he was 5.5 mos. He was sleeping for long...
  12. Re: Can liptase issues show up after 7 mos of pumping?

    Thank you. I have read about nursing stikes but I guess I did not put together that could just be a developement stage and not just for BF babies. Sometimes he will drink and then other times just...
  13. Can liptase issues show up after 7 mos of pumping?

    Hello, my son seems to be on bottle strike and I am wondering if it is my milk because he is right now taking Neutramigin which tastes horrid. So if that is preferred over my milk I am wondering if...
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    Re: she is anemic !

    Is there a special type for babies? Locally I can find one with iron and herbs but it does not seem specific for babies. I just don't want to give him the wrong product.
  15. Re: Stressed mom.. began pumping/bottle with 6 day old.. feeling guilt

    Hello, as a mom who did not find this site until after I turned on the pump and gave up the BF struggle I can tell you if you feel like a prisoner now, when you start down the EP road you are much...
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    Re: teething help!!!

    Mine does the same thing. He especially loves to chew on the wrap when I am wearing him! His schedule went all wonky after the teeth came through. Bedtime got later, he woke up much more often, the...
  17. Re: Is it true you can't use a used pump?

    I have 2 pumps that were preowned and were advertised as hardly used. One was from craigslist and one from Ebay. I just bought new tubing and boiled any other parts. I have not had any issues, and I...
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    Re: need some encouragement

    I have been EP since my son was born and I understand your frustration. When I get AF my supply drops for days and I just panic! Do you double pump? I had to finally get a Symphony from the hospital...
  19. Re: 3month moving head side to side when bottlefeeding

    My LO is bottle fed BM and he went through a period where he would turn his head all but around when eating and it was tricky keeping the bottle in his month. Or we just let him come back to it when...
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    Re: Exhausted..Need some encouragement

    My son was sleeping well at night until he cut his teeth and learned to roll over. Now he wakes up several times a night sometimes. I am a Zombie some nights and bump my way down the hall and hope I...
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    Re: swaddling, sleeping, and eating

    My son had to be swaddled to sleep and for the first 3 months it worked great. Then decided to wean himself from the swaddle and paci at 3 months. When on his back his arms would flail and he would...
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    Re: what is going on?!

    I can understand your frustration. My LO is 6.5 months and about a month ago firgured out how to roll over, cut a tooth and discovered his feet in one week and cut a second tooth the next week and...
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    Re: 11 month old not eating

    Due to Momnesia I forgot the link to the site!


    This too shall pass! I am glad you are feeling better about it.
  24. Re: What do you do with the rest of the avacado?

    I was making guacamole yesterday for lunch and had a really nice one so I gave him some and while I cannot say he loved it, as much as I do, he did not hate it. And since we were having the dip...
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    Re: 11 month old not eating

    This has some good information about how their habits can change, even though it is listed under picky eating. My favorite line is 'Your baby will never starve himself and the best thing you can do...
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