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    Medela Freestyle Breastpump?

    I know this pump is fairly new, but had wanted to know if anyone has tried this breastpump? What do you think? Any ideas as to where to purchase?
  2. Re: Help please.... To all of you who exclusively pump.....

    Thank you girls for all of your answers. I really appreciate it. I'll let you know how I did when the paper gets graded.
  3. Re: Help please.... To all of you who exclusively pump.....

    Did you ever exclusively nurse your child?

    Yes, started in the hospital... no problems with latch

    For how long?

    8wks., and then transistioned to bottle
  4. Help please.... To all of you who exclusively pump.....

    Girls I need your opinions please.... I'm writing a thesis paper for college on pumping your child breastmilk exclusively and had wanted some input from all of you. Thank you so much for your...
  5. Domperidone....weight loss or weight gain?

    Has anyone noticed any weight loss or weight gain while using domperidone?
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    Hiccups after every feeding?

    This just started where my LO gets the hiccups after every feeding (she's 3 months old). Is this normal or is it a cause for concern? She's fed EBM exclusively.
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    Increasing pumping output...

    How can you increase your pumping output?

    I was thinking of "cluster pumping" (pumping every hour for 10-15 minutes), but had wondered for how many days would you have to do this to notice an...
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    Re: Nighttime pumping

    What I've noticed from personal experience is that if you pump just to avoid fullness you will evenutally notice a decrease in your supply at that time because you are not emptying the breast.
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    Results from taking Domperidone?

    I was wondering how long Domperidone has to be taken in order to see results. I did read that it usually takes anywhere from 24hrs. to 4 or 5 days to see results, but had wanted to inquire with...
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    Re: Did fenugreek work for you?

    TO EBL..... I honestly do believe that increasing the frequencey of milk expression would've helped without the fenugreek. I tried it anyways because I actually wanted to see for myself if it had...
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    Re: Did fenugreek work for you?

    It did for me. I express often and noticed that my output increased from 2oz. total to 4 oz. total per sitting. It did take about a week though to notice any change. I take 4-5 pills 3 times a...
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    ordering domperidone online

    For those who ordered domperidone online at inhousepharmacy.com, I was just wondering if it was posted to your account as online Hamilton pharmacy. I tried contacting them by email, but they haven't...
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    whisper wear pump?

    I had posted this on the pumping thread as well, but thought I'd ask here too. Has anyone ever tried the whisper wear pump? I'm currently using the medela pump in style breastpump and had wanted to...
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    whisper wear pump?

    I had wanted to know if anyone has ever tried the whisper wear pump. I am currently using Medela pump in style and was hoping to find out which was more efficient.

    Thank you.
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    Re: how to introduce a bottle

    I was so scared that my LO would get confused (and for the most part, reject the breast) so this is what I did and it seems to be working....

    When she was about 4 weeks I sat with a bottle of...
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    your opinions please......

    My daughter is 6 weeks old and is my youngest of 5 children. She is the first child that I've made it this far with nursing. My first 2 I didn't even try to nurse, they were bottle fed with...
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    Breast preference and low milk supply

    My daughter prefers my right breast more so then my left. I do alternate breasts at each feeding like you are supposed too. However, I have noticed that she never seems as satisfied from the left...
  18. Re: can I feed newborn with the bottle(filled with my breastmilk)

    I agree completely with the others regarding engorgement, but where my concern lies is giving your little one (LO) a bottle so early. I would use extreme caution with this especially if you hope to...
  19. decreased bowel movements in 2 week old

    My 2 week old daughter, who has several wet diapers (10 to 12) and is exclusively breastfed, is only having 1 bowel movement per day for the last 2 days. She is gaining weight well and doesn't seem...
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