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    Re: I want to wean my son

    I have no experience to offer. But I think you are truly amazing and selfless for still nursing your son.
    Perhaps his need for nursing actually comes from some security issues he might be having. He...
  2. Re: Very small toddler - 21 months/18lbs

    Your pedi sounds awesome. Many of them would have tried to force formula and order you to stop bf totally. My son is very similar to yours. At 21 months now he is about 9.4 kg (around 20 lbs). His 13...
  3. Re: Beautiful article about breastfeeding acceptance

    The granddad part is just hilarious!
  4. Re: Frustrating Peditrician visit

    Why don't you print out research that actually gives accurate information and show it to her? I'd love to see how she would attempt to discredit AAP, WHO, UNICEF, etc... I didn't do that with my pedi...
  5. Re: Not back to birth weight at two weeks

    Yes the jaundice is definitely one of the main culprits. Mine had it too and he was just so sleepy all.the.time. It's almost impossible to wake him. Stripping him, changing diaper, tickling, etc...
  6. When and how do you start training lo to use cutlery?

    Hi, my lo is 16 months. We have been doing bls since 6 months. For the past couple of months, I've been trying to let him use some spoons and fork. He is able to successfully put a spoonful of sticky...
  7. Re: Complicated situation - please help!

    I'm not a food expert and nutritionist, but are you sure bananas are constipating? My lo's favourite food is banana too and every time he eats it (sometimes nothing else), he poops lots! I mean,...
  8. Re: Is my night supply dying or what??

    Thank u for the reassurance! O man, I so do NOT miss af.... Go away... Shoooo....
  9. Is my night supply dying or what??

    My lo is 14.5 months. For the pass 2 weeks or so, I notice that his overnight diaper is getting much lighter. Up to then his night diaper is always filled to the max. We co sleep, and he still nurses...
  10. Re: Ya'll, we made it! And many thanks

    And here's a big round of applause for mama!
  11. Re: I don't know what is 'normal' nursing behaviour...

    Thank you both so much! I feel a lot better and reassured!
  12. I don't know what is 'normal' nursing behaviour...

    My almost 14 month-old loves to nurse, generally. His amount of nursing doesn't seem to decrease with his increased food intake. And nowadays he knows exactly how to access my nursing openings (even...
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    Re: Feel like giving up!

    Hey mama, I know how hard it must be for you now. I really do! But I'd like to point out that what your lo is doing really totally normal! My lo used to want to latch on pretty much 24 hours a day....
  14. Re: How do you tell when to introduce addition meal?

    My baby doesn't communicate that effectively yet, so I guess even if he wants more food, he doesn't know how to tell me. Though if he wants milk, he will pull down my tank top. He definitely wants my...
  15. Re: Nursing like crazy, now low supply

    I'd think its your pump problem. Because increased nursing will definitely lead to increased supply! I have the same pump. But after some months, I can only pump milk out from one side, not the...
  16. How do you tell when to introduce addition meal?

    My lo is 12 months, ebf, doing bls. Currently he has solids for lunch and dinner, and nurse for the rest of the day (and all night long!). He doesn't eat a lot, just a few bites here and there....
  17. Re: Exclusive Breastfeeding for a year

    Your lo is obviously striving and doing super great on your bm alone. I agree, he doesn't NEED the solids yet. You are doing awesome! You have my support! My lo is a year old, ebf plus bls. The fact...
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    Re: starting too late?

    Sometimes, babies don't immediately like a new food given to them. It's quite common for my lo to try a food 3 times before he likes it. And most of the time, he makes a funny face (like he's tasted...
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    Re: Pedatrician's annoying advice

    That is utter nonsense. Do read the link below. It's a great read! You're doing everything right mama!
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    Re: Nursing Strike

    Mine does it all the time. Most of the time it's teething. He wouldn't take a bottle or sippy either. Fortunately he doesn't nurse throughout the night and when sleepy. I would either syringe feed...
  21. I'm so going to brag! We've made it to one year!

    Lo is 1 today! Yay! We've made it to THE year point! Feels like I've just received an Oscar. Thank you Thank you Thank you soooooo much for helping us! We had a rough start. And because of...
  22. Re: Tips for dealing with a snacker?

    Besides the great advice given to you above, any chance of exploring nursing in a sling? Then you can nurse your lo hands free, and will be able to do other stuff. I think you can do it in a Mei tai...
  23. Re: Solids and BLS.... getting frustrated

    Every baby goes by a different pace in developments. Eating is one of them. Just keep offering. My lo was like that. At first he would not have any solids. Then one day, he suddenly shows interest....
  24. BLS: When do you introduce more water?

    My Lo is almost a year now and we have been doing bls since 6 months. I'm currently offering him water from a straw cup only at meal times, that is lunch and dinner, though he doesn't take that much...
  25. Re: Need major help. Did I mess him up?

    Fire her!
    Your baby's behaviour is perfectly normal. Some babies just have smaller stomachs and can only eat a bit at a time, but eats frequently. My baby is one of those. I'd say she outright lying...
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