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  1. Re: Nursing for tantrums vs tantrums for nursing

    I went through a similar situation when my daughter was about that age. She wanted to nurse at the grocery store, or other inconvenient place, and would start to pull my shirt down and stuff. I...
  2. Re: My son has dental caries. Please share some experiences.

    I have a friend who has this problem with her 2-year old. It's tough. I think the pooling milk thing is a farce. Do you supplement Vitamin D3 and K2? I started researching this stuff a little...
  3. Help! Breastfeeding a 2 1/2 year old and going insane!

    I do love nursing my toddler. There are so many great things about it, like when she's not feeling well or when she is upset about something and inconsolable. But my biggest problem is at night. ...
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