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  1. Re: I'm Pretty Sure I'll Never be Able to Exclusively Breast Feed...

    :ita You read my mind I was just about to post this!

    Babies are so smart! Is it possible that your LO is nursing until it becomes more work to nurse (maybe LO isn't patient enough to work for...
  2. Re: I'm Pretty Sure I'll Never be Able to Exclusively Breast Feed...

    First I just want to send some :hug:hug:hug! It sounds like you're going through a really tough time right now. I Exclusively pump and just wanted to offer support and help if I can.

    When it was...
  3. Re: How do I get LO to drink milk in a sippy cup, not a bottle?

    Oh thank you for the advice! I think I'll pick a few up while I'm out shopping today! THANKS!!!
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    Re: I've made my decision....

    Just wanted to send lots of :hug:hug:hug!
  5. Re: How do I get LO to drink milk in a sippy cup, not a bottle?

    You know, I thought about it. LO loves straws, but not to drink, he just likes to play with them! :lol So I didn't pursue the straw sippy cup because I thought he would break it trying to get the...
  6. Re: How do I get LO to drink milk in a sippy cup, not a bottle?

    :lol It was brilliant! :bow Hey if I had thought about it I wouldn't be posting!

    I could try, my only concern is he's not going for the sippy. I'm just worried he won't get enough milk in him....
  7. Re: How do I get LO to drink milk in a sippy cup, not a bottle?

    Actually we've been using the slow flow nipple this whole time. :o He seemed fine with it and I figured it was probably better because it helped him eat slowly so he knew when he was really full as...
  8. How do I get LO to drink milk in a sippy cup, not a bottle?

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so I thought I'd try here...

    Hi! My LO is 15 1/2 mo. I EP and use formula/cow's milk supplements (we're VERY slowly replacing the formula with cow's milk since...
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    Re: Breastfeeding an adpoted child

    WOW!!! One bottle!!! That's GREAT! :clap:clap:clap

    I have no experience with adoptive breastfeeding, but just wanted to tell you that I think what you are doing is WONDERFUL!!! What a lucky baby...
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    Re: 1 yr old won't eat table food

    Don't worry, sounds like you are doing just fine! :hug

    I just want you to know you're not alone. My LO is almost 15 mo and it's still a struggle to get him to eat. He knows how to eat, it's just...
  11. Temas: Dry Run

    by @llli*hh13

    Re: Dry Run

    I just want to give you a big :hug! I know what you mean! I EP and have struggled with supply issues! At my best I was pumping half of what my LO was taking. It's tough because the pumps, even as...
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    Re: Honeymoon and pumping

    Sounds like you are very stressed! Just want to send some :hug!

    Is it possible to delay the honeymoon or maybe shorten it? Would that relieve some of the stress? Maybe one night alone at a nice...
  13. Temas: my dog...

    by @llli*hh13

    Re: my dog...

    Same here. I bought extra tubing because there's no way I could get it at a store where I live. The extra tubing is still in a cabinet sealed in it's packaging, but I figured it was worth spending...
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    Re: YEY! He likes Goat's milk!

    Thanks everyone for the input! I've looked around and it seems as though goats milk is fine, but I'll probably call our ped just to be sure before I start cutting out the formula supplements.

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    Re: thinking of moving to exclusively pumping

    A nursing necklace is basically just a long necklace with beads of all kinds of different colors and shapes. It's supposed to help keep a distracted baby occupied while nursing. Some moms buy theirs,...
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    YEY! He likes Goat's milk!

    LO is 12 1/2 mo and although he has no dairy allergies or sensitivities, he has been refusing cow's milk. I guess he just doesn't like the taste. :shrug I EP and am planning to continue pumping, but...
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    Re: thinking of moving to exclusively pumping

    I EP and have struggled the whole time. It is a LOT of extra work and can be very stressful. You not only pump but have to wash everything and then feed the baby. Also I would keep in mind that as...
  18. Re: pumping question...if you have time to look...

    Is this the thread?

    I second what Jessica said about pumping. Especially the drinking enough water. I know when I pump and I've been bad about water it makes a huge difference! Her links are very...
  19. Re: how many ounces of pumped milk and other questions

    I'm not sure about the thrush issues, but here's a link to a milk calculator that should help you figure out how much expressed milk your LO needs HTH!
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    Re: 2 Years with my nursling today!

    :clap:clap:clap YEY!!! That is so WONDERFUL!!! :clap:clap:clap
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    Re: He HATES Cow's milk!!!

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I really appreciate it! No, I'm not ready yet to wean him from bm, but the issue is that I've always supplemented with formula and I wanted to make sure on days...
  22. Re: Medela In Style, vs Medela In Style Advanced

    Actually, the Pump in Style is an older model that doesn't have Medela's 2-phase expression technology. Whereas the Pump in Style Advanced is the newer model and has the 2-phase expression...
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    Re: Pregnant and Exclusively Pumping?

    I thought this might be helpful. It's a link to another thread and if you scroll down to the bottom there's another link about pumping while pregnant. HTH!
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    Re: Medela Freestyle Breastpump?

    Thanks for bringing this thread back up, I forgot to post!:o I did get my Freestyle and I :love it!!! OMG just as good as my PISA and now I do dishes, laundry and move all over the place when I pump!...
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    He HATES Cow's milk!!!

    Hi all! My LO turned one on the 7th and so we just started introducing cow's milk. So far no allergies, but he just doesn't like it! He's take one, maybe two sips from his sippy cup every day and...
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