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  1. Re: biting still... worried I'm causing a strike... Pls help...

    Hello...My DD is only 4.5 months old and hasn't broken any teeth through yet..But I wanted to share...

    I've found the quickest way (for me) to get DD off the breast isn't to put my finger in her...
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    Re: night weaning

    This is a VERY common in breastfed babies at 4 months.
    I think part of it for some babies, when they are so busy learning new skills during the day that at night time they realize "I miss Mommy"...
  3. Re: Baby cries and refuses to continue feeding

    It sounds like MAYBE you have TOO much milk and an overactive let down. My DD was doing the same thing when she was a newborn, and still does it now from time to time (though she's getting better at...
  4. Re: 4-month-old stopped sleeping "through the night"

    My daughter started doing this around 3 months when she was learning to roll over ...It went on for about 4 weeks, and then got better...And then got worse again when she was trying to figure out...
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    Re: Galbladder sugery and BF

    Hey! I hope the surgery went well (I think you already had it?). I had to have an ERCP and my gall bladder removed when my DD was 10 weeks old. I let the whole thing go too long (like my entire...
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