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    Re: Fussy breastfed baby

    Many thanks for the replies. It is really a relief to know that it will pass :)
    This evening, i tried to massage her, and she was not as fussy as usual. Dunno if this really works for her or maybe...
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    Fussy breastfed baby

    Have anyone experience a fussy baby but only occur on evening time? My baby (2 mo) always be a fussy baby from 6 pm until she sleep (at around 8:30 pm). And this happens everyday. She is exclusively...
  3. Re: Not enough supply for direct nursing and pumping

    Thanks for your advice. But i wonder what to do if my breast has become very soft as if there's no more milk and the baby still want to nursed? I tried to keep nursing, but she became angry and cry...
  4. Not enough supply for direct nursing and pumping

    I have my DD on 22 dec. She is 20 days now. Since she was born, i have give her breastmilk but the supply just seems never enough for her. I almost never leave my chair on where i breastfeed her. I...
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