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    1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    Ashelyn had her 1 year appt today and the new Pedi (we just moved from CT to MD) is concerned about her lack of growth over the past 6 months. Frankly, I am too.

    We have been trying to give her...
  2. Self weaning? Need some advice, please!

    Hi Mommies...

    I think Ashelyn (she'll be one year next month) is self weaning. She has two top & two botom teth and has been biting me a lot lately. Mostly because she's not that interested in...
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    Re: Can't seem to let go...

    I've been absent from this board for a LONG time (well over a month at least) - I just wanted to say (((HUGS))) to you. You did a fantastic job!!

    Ashelyn is self weaning I think (I am about to go...
  4. Re: Is everyone lying about sleeping throught the night??

    Hmm...I knew I shouldn't have made that comment. ;)
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    Re: Night Time Nursing

    That's tough! I also have an 8 month old and she has been sleeping in a travel crib in our room (right next to my side of the bed) since she was born. I had tried to move her into her room at night...
  6. Re: Is everyone lying about sleeping throught the night??

    My daughter is 8 months old and still wakes several times a night to nurse. I am sure this is not because she's starving, but because she wants the comfort of mommy and she's just in a habit now. ...
  7. Re: Home Remedies/Suggestions for my case?

    I do hope you feel better soon.

    Do you think it may be a plugged duct? I had that problem a few weeks back where my entire right breast hurt (badly) for about 5 days...then it cleared up after...
  8. Does it take a while to start flowing?

    I really don't pump too often because even though I am on domperidone, I still don't produce much milk when I pump. We are going away overnight next weekend and leaving the kids with my inlaws, so I...
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    Ashelyn had tried applesauce about a month ago and she didn't show any sign of wanting more than that initial taste. So I tried it again yesterday evening and she took about a teaspoon or so then...
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    Summertime & Nursing

    I am wondering if Ashelyn will nurse more in the summer time with the weather getting much warmer (it's over 90 degrees today). My (nearly) 2 year old is drinking a lot more, especially today. ...
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    Re: So does the nursing necklace work?

    Mine doesn't capture Ashelyn's attention and she just keeps pushing against me while pulling her head back. It happens at every feeding....even the ones where she's half asleep. ;)
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    Re: No poop for 4 days

    My daughter still goes several days inbetween bowel movements. We almost had to try suppositories for her a few months back, but she ended up going right before I was about to try the pedi's...
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    Re: 7 - Calling moms of 7 month olds?

    Rochelleann ~ Wow - for our little ones being born on the same day, they sure are worlds apart with their eating!!! :D
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    Re: 7 - Calling moms of 7 month olds?

    Okay...well Ashelyn was 7 months on 5/12 and she just - LAST NIGHT - had her first solids meal ever!!! :D We've been struggling with this for a month or so now. She would just refuse to open her...
  15. Re: Does the mini pill affect milk supply?

    I hate to say that I think mine was affected a little (but it could have been compounded by losing weight fairly quickly and being sick for a little while).

    My Lactation Consultant advised me that...
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    Re: Side-lying position

    Try a search on side-lying on the boards. I bet you can find some good information. I know I posted about it once and I got some great links.

    You can try rolling up a receiving blanket and...
  17. Temas: Advice

    by DebiMommyTo2

    Re: Advice

    I don't have any advice on what to include (sorry!!) but wanted to agree :ita that my pedi is the same when it comes to breastfeeding. He told me to make sure I "wait at least 2 hours inbetween...
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    Re: Refusing solid foods!!

    What did you do to resolve this?

    ETA: Ashelyn does put toys in her mouth all the time, so maybe she doesn't have an aversion. Oh well, we'll keep trying. We tried banana again this AM but it was...
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    Re: Refusing solid foods!!

    My DD won't eat either (she's 6.5 months). I have tried a few things (cereal, apple sauce, carrots - in the jar) but she still thrusts her tongue out. She gags on mashed banana. So, I try for a...
  20. Re: Domperidone & Increasing Milk Supply

    I had mine compounded by a local pharmacy here in CT. I am a little concerned about purchasing things like that over the internet. How is it working for you? Is that site reliable?
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    Re: Getting my breasts back?

    Yeah, I hear you ladies. I am worried that if I have any more children and BF any more...my "ladies" might be down to my knees from sagging & stretching...:eek:

    We can always get boob lifts!?!?!
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    Re: !!Still biting

    Oh I am so sorry that you are going through that!!! I don't have any advice really. You are doing the right thing - stopping the feeding and putting your LO down and making sure he knows the...
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    Re: I'm getting discouraged....

    {{{{ HUGS }}}} to you!!! I really hope that it gets better for you. Congrats on making it 7 months!! My LO does that pulling/pushing, clamping thing too. She gets even more rough with me if I try...
  24. Re: Domperidone & Increasing Milk Supply

    My LO is 6 months and I just started domperidone almost 2 weeks ago. i notice a HUGE difference - i.e. my breasts feel much fuller now, my LO has a bowel movement almost every day (whereas she was...
  25. Re: Are 10 pm & 3 am feedings still necessary?

    It's really interesting to read all the points of view on here. Thanks everyone for posting your experiences!

    I always nurse Ashelyn when she wakes. She does the same thing - no little...
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