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  1. Re: 3 week old sometimes refusing to nurse, but will accept bottle

    checking out the links.

    as for being over full. No, it's not that. And it's primarily in the early morning that he seems to refuse the most. After that though, he refused the bottle in favor of...
  2. 3 week old sometimes refusing to nurse, but will accept bottle

    I find this a little upsetting. My 3 week old sometimes refuses the breast in favor of the bottle. Particularly in the morning. (he will sometimes refuse the bottle for the breast too, but that's...
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    Re: Thrush and Nystatin

    I'm having good results using nystan. The ped prescribed the cream for me to use as well.
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    Re: Thrush concern

    My son has thrush. I noticed white patches on his tongue and at his 2 week checkup asked about it. The doctor noticed it was on the inside of his lips and diagnosed thrush. He's on 1 cc 3x's a day of...
  5. is it harder to wean when tandem nursing?

    I am still in the deciding phase of if I will try tandem nursing or not. My son will be 32 months old when our new baby is due to arrive. Weaning hasn't been successful in the past (I was weaning...
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