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  1. Re: Formula for day & mommy for night???

    I agree, I think she is reverse cycling too. Gradually she is eating more and more of the formula during the day and it is working out very well for us. She knows that when mommy comes home that is...
  2. Re: Formula for day & mommy for night???

    I don't know... I think our bodies can adjust as far as the times of day we need milk and when we don't, but I don't think they can tell the difference between monday and tuesday, know what I mean? ...
  3. Re: Formula for day & mommy for night???

    Joy~ thanks for sharing your experience. DD seems to be responding very well to the change. I am so lucky to have such a happy and easy-going baby. Not only is she adjusting to me leaving her 8...
  4. Re: Formula for day & mommy for night???

    sorry, that was supposed to be paint-the-MOON!!!! Just a typo! Sometimes my fingers just type by themselves I think. (I type all day at work...) Sorry!
  5. Re: Formula for day & mommy for night???

    thanks paint-the-mean, that helped a lot!
  6. Re: Formula for day & mommy for night???

    Ladies thanks so much for your responses. They made me feel so much better. The week went pretty well, other than on Fri morning my period returned! I was shocked at how quickly my body responded...
  7. Formula for day & mommy for night???

    Hello- I have always been given wonderful advice on this site so I am hoping some of you other working mamas may be able to help!

    Does anyone have any experience with baby having formula during...
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    Re: Cutsie Names for Breastfeeding

    Kayleigh can't call it anything yet... DH calls it "boobie food". :D
  9. Re: concerns and fears about going BTW...

    Thanks ladies for the kind replies! I do feel better knowing I am not the only one w/ these thoughts and feelings. DH doesn't understand... I have tried talking to him about it and he just doesn't...
  10. concerns and fears about going BTW...

    Hi all. I have some concerns about returning to work... I won't lie... I am scared to death to leave DD!!!! Maybe some of you may be able to help ease my mind.

    When DD was born I had no...
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    Re: Best milk storage bags?

    I love the Gerber Seal n Go bags. I haven't had any problems w/ leaking at all. They store well, freeze well and are easy to pour the milk out of. :)
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    Re: mom's diet

    The Kellymom site says most commonly 4-24 hrs... Here's the link if you don't already have it: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/food-sensitivity.html :D
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    Re: cluster feeding then vomiting


    You may find this link helpful. Mine also went thru a spell like this. Seemed like she threw up everything she had just eaten. The ped said it...
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    Re: Starting Work! Scared for DD!

    My DD also started refusing a bottle right before my maternity leave ended and I ended up quitting my job to stay home w/ her afraid she would starve in the eight hrs / day I would have to leave her....
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    Re: How can I slow my letdown?


    I don't know how you can completely correct the problem (I wish I did!!) but have you tried pulling your baby off until the spray slows a little & let it spray into a towel or diaper? Not...
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    Re: Hair Bleach- sorry for repeat

    coming from another stylist: I agree w/ the PP- you will be FINE. Bleach is most often used off the scalp anyway. Get crazy mama!!! :D
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    Re: Laying down feeding position

    P-T-M: I looooove that new pic of Addie, it is adorable! :D
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    Re: Laying down feeding position

    It can be a bit tricky at first, but if you start right from the beginning you will soon adjust. I nursed this way the days I was in the hosp bc I couldn't sit yet, it worked really well and allowed...
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    How many ounces?

    DD has never taken bottles, so I am new to this... We introduced a spoon and she is doing extremely well being spoon fed EBM so I am pumping in preparation for a few times this month I will be away...
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    Re: Gassy LO

    Broccoli was my big culprit. DD would be gassy and FUSSY for days and even weeks if I ate broccoli. Cabbage, onions and garlic I hear are also common culprits.
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    Re: Not sure!!

    I might suggest pumping & dumping the milk your dr feels is unsafe. If you pump it will keep your supply up, then just dump the milk- maybe someone else will answer your bra ?, I've never heard that...
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    Re: silly question-burp

    Same as the PP, but just to add- BF babies may not always need to burp like bottle babies do. :)
  23. Re: Frustrating behavior at the breast

    I feel for you! *HUGS* I know how frustrating it can be. I am not going to give you advice, bc we have so many feeding problems that we still can't figure out ourselves. DD was on Zantac for...
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    Re: sleeping too much?

    I believe at 2 mo they recommend 6-7 hrs of daytime sleep broken up into 3 or 4 naps. Some babies of course are just sleepier than other babies. My DD has never been much of a napper, so as long as...
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    Re: Flat/inverted nipples

    I have extremely flat nipples and also struggled w/ latch, as did the nurses and LCs in the hosp. I was given a NS but it was a pain in the butt and I stopped using it. When I was close to giving...
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