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    Irregular cycles?

    My little girl is on her way to becoming 15 months old and I have been nursing throughout, never bottle fed or formula fed.

    My menstrual cycle returned around the 9 month mark and has been...
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    Hello! My soon to be 7 month old started solids a little after her 6 month birthday and has had rice cereal, peas (both from Earth's Best... and NOT her favorite), applesauce (EB), sweet potato (EB -...
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    Re: about to start

    My little girl won't be 6 months until October 15th (we won't start solids until probably a week later than that) but I'm already gung-ho about making my own baby food and have read up on lots of...
  4. Re: Rice Cereal mixed with breast milk

    Giving Rylee a bowl and spoon to play with to keep her occupied sounds like a great idea. I have been pretend spoon feeding her (without any food) to get her used to the idea just a few days ago, she...
  5. Rice Cereal mixed with breast milk

    My little one will be 6 months in a month and has started showing agressive signs of wanting to start solids... starting about a month back. She is top of her class in weight and height and has done...
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    Re: strange grunting sounds in sleep?

    I wouldn't be too concerned. My little girl grunted long and hard like an old man every single time I fed her at night and put her back down to sleep. She turned 2 months old last Monday (the 15th)...
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    inverted nipples help

    Need some advice with anyone familiar with inverted nipples. I've been BFing since Rylee was born and the initial stabbing pains has given way to being only painful upon latch on - which still makes...
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    Day/night confusion - advice?

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can remedy day/night confusion with my 3 week old? She can sleep for hours during the day (will sleep through her 2-3 hour feedings if I let her and will often...
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    growth spurt?

    I've been dealing with what seems like a growth spurt since a week ago. The lo turned 2 weeks on Wednesday and lately, it seems like she wants to eat every hour! This isn't a big deal except that I'm...
  10. nipple pain (small breasts,inverted)/ thrush / frequent hunger

    My lo will be two weeks old on Wednesday and I have been nursing her since the beginning... rather painfully. I have always been small breasted and I probably only qualify as a B cup with my milk...
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