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    Re: Start rice cereal?

    I have to say, it takes a special person to breastfeed and to continue to do for the health of the baby. Personally, I do it and plan to do it until my daughter wants to wean because I'm not ok with...
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    Too distracted to eat?

    My daughter is 5 months old and won't nurse because she is too distracted. She absolutely will not do it. She latches on, sucks 2 times, and takes herself back off. Therefore, she's not eating. She...
  3. So frustrated, I am really starting to hate breastfeeding.

    My daughter is 3 months old, and everything was going great until I started back to work.I never really had a great supply to begin with, but it was enough to sustain her. 9 years ago, I was in a car...
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    Is this the start of something bad?

    I've been nursing and pumping for a little over a month now,and everything is going good. I had a slight drop in supply, so I started pumping more and taking Fenugreek. I can see that it is working,...
  5. Re: Expressing colostrum during pregnancy for increased supp

    Thank you for you encouraging words! I haven't thought about having my husband help me with all the explanation, but now that you bring it up, it sure would be nice. Unfortunately, I won't be able to...
  6. Re: Expressing colostrum during pregnancy for increased supp

    As bad as I hate to admit it, I do need to prepare myself for the possibility that supplementation may be needed. I have a few cans of formula that I have stuffed out of sight into the closet. I am...
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    Re: Is it too late/milk not coming in

    Any surgeon or MD for that matter is immediately going to tell you to formula feed. They know nothing about BFing and the only way they know of for sure is to take a cop out and tell you to formula...
  8. Expressing colostrum during pregnancy for increased supply

    I am due in August, and have a history of traumatic breast injuries and reconstructive surgeries. I have been reading several books, including a book about breastfeeding after reduction surgery (the...
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    Re: WIC breast pumps

    I have Aetna, and they won't pay for pumps unless the baby has a birth defect that requires a pump instead of nursing, or if the baby is hospitalized. They won't do it becasue of a deformity on my...
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    WIC breast pumps

    I live in Oklahoma, and plan to get on WIC for my maternity leave. I will be breastfeeding, but I anticipate latch issues because I was in a car accident 8 years ago that split my right breast in...
  11. Best bottle to prevent nipple confusion?

    Hello ladies!
    I am 17 weeks pregnant, and found out we are having a little girl yesterday. So now the time has come to start buying pink baby items, and I am going to...
  12. Re: Nerve damage, need advice (long, sor

    Thank you all for the support and advice. I keep thinking that since I'm ok on one half of each breast, that maybe I'll be able to produce enough. We shall see. I vaguely remember producing a lot of...
  13. Nerve damage, need advice (long, sorry)

    Hi! I have a difficult situation that needs advice from experienced people. My husband and I are planning to have another baby soon, and I want to BF, but have lots of problems. 8 years ago, I was in...
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    Re: special situation, please help

    Thank you all so much. I will just have to wait and see, but hopefully I will be able to at least do something. I'll keep you updated. At this point, I am hoping that maybe because the nerves weren't...
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    Re: special situation, please help

    From what I can gather, if there is one nerve on the left breast at 4 o clock and one at 8 o clock, I still have both nerves still intact. Not sure about the ducts though.
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    special situation, please help

    Although I am 99.9% sure that no one else on the planet has had this exact situation, any advice from related issues would be great. After I had my daughter, I was in a car accident. I was 3 days...
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