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    One year old refuses to eat ANYTHING!

    I have what is an otherwise healthy one-year-old who for the last week and a half has refused to eat pretty much everything I put in front of him, with the exception of Cheerios and those Gerber...
  2. Breastfeeding through the night...

    Up until about a month ago, my 6 month old son was sleeping just fine. He would go down around 9 or 9:30, maybe wake up once around 1 am, and then sleep again until 5 or 6.

    Then, about three...
  3. Re: Getting Prepared - Fearing Constipation

    Don't feel weird about the organic rice cereal. That was what I started my little guy on. I figure, if I can't make it myself (and rice cereal would probably be kinda tough to make myself!), I'm...
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    Re: Reading books...stressing me out!

    I agree with lots of those previous posts. The books will drive you nuts. My mother in law gave me the best advice when I felt totally bombarded by all the books - she said to read as many books as...
  5. Re: 4-month-old stopped sleeping "through the night"

    My little man (4 months old this past Thursday) has been doing that to for the last week or so. Sometimes, he's great and will sleep anywhere from 6 to 9 hours at night at a stretch, but last night...
  6. Re: Very Unusual Food Allergy..to sweet potato!?!?!

    This may sound like a silly question, but did you burp her after you fed her the sweet potato?

    I just started my little man on sweet potatoes at the recommendation of my pediatrician, and he loves...
  7. Re: abrupt change in habit-will it affect supply?

    Are you sure it was vomit and not spitup? My little guy has had a couple of projectile spitups in the last few months. Not vomit - it doesn't smell like vomit at all, it smells like spitup, but...
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    Re: Not Eating BM

    Ya know, everything I read by pediatricians says that babies should breastfeed for a year, but everyone that I know who has had kids says that they start weaning themselves around 8 months. My...
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    Re: baby constantly hungry

    Boy, it's great to see that other moms are going through what I went through! My little one was 11 lb 2 oz at birth (c-section all the way!), and up until about three weeks ago, he just ate...
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    Re: Suddenly nursing more

    Yeah, I've posted on here a few times about how I've been trying to keep up with my "little" man. He weighed 11 lb 2 oz at birth, and now at just over 3 months, is weighing in a little over 16 lb. ...
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    Re: BFing just to fall asleep?

    This is so funny. My little baby son was born on 1/15, and he is now 3 months old. 99.99999% of the time, he cannot fall asleep unless he is on the boob. He will occasionally fall asleep with Oma...
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    Re: Growth spurt or need for solid food???

    Thanks for the info and support, everyone!

    I do feel like I make a lot of milk. He does splutter sometimes while nursing, and there are times when I will take my breast out of his mouth and...
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    Re: Growth spurt or need for solid food???

    I've tried pacifiers. They don't work. He can't figure out how to suck on them and spits them out and just gets angry. Hehehe... I guess that's kind of a good thing, right? :lol

    And yes, we...
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    Growth spurt or need for solid food???

    Okay, here's my dilemma - I had a problem similar to this about two months ago.

    My little baby son will be 12 weeks old this coming Tuesday. He is weighing in around 15 lbs. About two months...
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    Re: Sore and achey what to do?

    Ugh, I just got over a wicked bad case of mastitis, and of course, it hit over Easter weekend. The dr. who was on-call at my OB (not one of the regular doctors) didn't want to give me antibiotics,...
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    Re: What should a BF mom be eating

    I'm a vegetarian, and I've gotten a lot of flak from certain family members and friends about my diet, both when I was pregnant and now that I'm breastfeeding. These are well-meaning folks, but what...
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    Re: Aggressive Little Breastfeeder?

    Oh, boy, the things I have to look forward to, eh?

    My baby boy just turned eleven weeks today, and he still nurses really great without much trouble 99.99% of the time, but every now and then,...
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    Re: How long?

    Isn't that funny, Easter weekend I discovered that I had plugged ducts in both breasts that had turned into one nasty case of mastitis! The plugged duct in my right breast resolved rather quickly,...
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    Re: 4 month - weight check?

    From the weights you posted, it looks like that's fine for your baby! As long as he's gaining and not losing and doing well, I don't think it matters what he weighs.

    Don't ask me about weight. ...
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    Re: Getting baby to BF to sleep?

    Boy oh boy, I think your daughter and my son are twins! :lol I have the same issue with him. He is nine weeks old today, VERY high energy baby, he needs CONSTANT stimulation or he gets really...
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    Re: First time mom going crazy...

    I hope that things are improving for you since you posted this message!

    My little guy also gets some gassiness throughout the day. It's not as bad as yours sounds, but when I feed him, I also...
  22. Re: Loooooooooooong feeding sessions - HELP!

    Thanks for all the advice and suggestions, everybody!

    I do indeed have a little "feeding station" set up in my living room where I can sit and feed my little bug as long as necessary, and if my...
  23. Loooooooooooong feeding sessions - HELP!

    First of all, I want to just say that I am very excited to have found this Forum! I am a first time new Mom, and love breastfeeding, BUT:

    On January 15, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy and...
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